Castle “Petrovsky Val” in Kopys

Autograph of Peter I

It is highly recommended to visit this picturesque place, which is located in the urban settlement of Kopys, the Vitebsk region. You will surely feel like a princess or prince. The magical nature of these places contributes to this fabulous feeling. It is said when it's foggy, you may see the outlines of the castle. When fog dissipates, you can see “Petrovsky Val”, which has preserved to present days.


Yes, it is true. Once there was a castle in Kopys - it was documented in 1726. But then all the buildings of the castle, including the entrance tower, wooden wall and four bastions, were destroyed. Time and people caused it.

Modern Times

Nowadays, we can find an earth embankment with a wooden site of an ancient settlement known as “Petrovsky Val”. Why Petrovsky? Everything is very simple: a long time ago, Tsar Peter I lived not far from this place, who left his signature on one of the beams. Since then it is called Petrovsky Val.

Although the castle itself and house in which the emperor lived have not preserved to present days, a magnificent natural heritage left for descendants, i.e. us. The beauty of these places did not suffer from time. On the contrary, now many tourists come to see Petrovsky Val itself and wander along paths. Walk and breathe the fresh air, sit on benches, specially built for tourists, that’s not all that you can do in Kopys.

 “Petrovsky Val”

But, of course, "Petrovsky Val" is the main attraction in Kopys. It is 5 meters high. In summer and spring, it is covered with a green carpet; spherical crowns of trees create a special atmosphere of fabulousness. In winter, a white carpet covers the nature that has fallen asleep for a while and keeps the beauty of these places until the very spring.

Many tourists, who prefer outdoor recreation, come to “Petrovsky Val”. By the way, you can arrange a picnic or barbeque since there are beautiful nature and splendid views. What do you think? Yes, to bring your sports equipment is also quite a good idea, to have fun with family or friends. After finding out some historical moments, you can play badminton. This type of recreation is very interesting and beneficial at the same time.

It is a pity that the castle has not preserved to present days. It would have been a bonus while exploring Kopys. But everything is compensated by nature, which is simply beautiful in Kopys. In addition, in the territory of Petrovsky Val, you will experience unforgettable feelings from the meeting with the past. You can enjoy the magnificent views of the Belarusian nature, breathe the fresh air, wander among old trees and think, sitting on benches and admiring the green tree crowns.

You will remember this quiet corner. You will come back one day.