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The Wildlife Sanctuary “Selyava” and Selyava lake in Krupki district

The Wildlife Sanctuary “Selyava” and Selyava lake in Krupki district

Natural objects

National Wildlife Refuge in Belarus - Selyava

Every year people come here to rest not only fr om neighbor regions but from all Belarus. This place of peace and quiet offers to enjoy wonderful landscapes, bird singing and watching wild animals’ life.

“Selyava” is considered to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the country. Its rather big territory (the square is about 19000 hectares) let see everything, from an endless forest area that takes the half of all the territory to attractive lakes and rivers.

The fauna is worth special attention, some species are in the Red Book of Belarus. Its representatives are in the red list, so you can see them only in some parts of the country. For example, these are the big short-toed eagle and others (about 20 species).

Tourist paradise for nature lovers of Belarus

Diversity of flora is impressive too. You may walk over the territory and witness the habitat of such species as red morios. For those who want to see rare species there are special tourist routes called “Proshchitsky swamp”.

There are a lot of things to do for hunters and fishermen too. You can buy special hunters’ permits to chase after geese, brants, wood grouses, black grouses and other birds. Chargeable fishing is also available. The infrastructure of “Selyava” includes equipped houses for hunters and fishermen.

You can also organize camping on the territory. There is a farmstead and a resort area “Panskaya Kupalnya”. The last one is famous for its sand beaches that were brought from Finland bay. Here you can walk, ride horses and find an interesting activity for adults and children. 

There are several big rivers and reservoirs except Selyava – Rakitovka, Yugna, Hudovets and others. But it’s Selyava that is the symbol of this area. It’s a really nice place with rush banks, crystal waters and a large amount of rare animals, birds, fish and plants.

It appeared in 1956 when the local Hydraulic Powerful Station was built when water level of the Ugna was above 1 meter. When the station was closed, the dam remained. Now it allows to watch beauties of the lake.

The lake is divided into two parts: The North one (with 11 meters depth) and the South one (up to 17, 6 meters). Nevertheless even at 10 meters depth you can see sand bottom with burbots, sanders and other fishes.

The sanctuary is situated near Proshik village of Krupsk district in Minsk region, so it’s easy to get to it.

Rest in the National Reserve of Belarus Selyava

The reserve with the lake is located in close proximity to the village of Proshika in the Krupsky district of the Minsk region, which provides convenient and quick access to it. Those who are interested not only in natural, but also in cultural and historical monuments of Belarus, are worth a visit:

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