Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

Sights of Minsk: Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The Holy Resurrection Cathedral is located in the large industrial town Borisov. It is a historical and cultural value of Belarus. The cathedral features nine cupolas and is built of red brick with white decorative elements and hip roof. This is one of the best projects of architect Peter Merkulov. The cathedral was built in 1874.

However, the history of the cathedral began long before its construction. The first mention of a wooden cathedral dates back to 1620. During the war of 1812, French soldiers burned the Resurrection Cathedral. Due to local people, a new wooden church was built in 1834. However, some time later, a fire destroyed it again.

Today, the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in the town Borisov, designed by Peter Merkulov, is a monument of the pseudo-Russian style, due to its grandeur it stands out from other Belarusian cathedrals. The Resurrection Cathedral was built by masters from Ivenets, paintings were made by hands of Vilna artist Trutnev. The exterior of the cathedral is very bright due to the combination of red and white. Numerous frontons, pilasters and corbel arches became an organic ornament of the Orthodox cathedral. There are three iconostases of unpainted oak with gold-plated columns and frames.

Near the Resurrection Cathedral, you can see a three-tiered bell tower, erected according to the project of architect Victor Struev from Minsk in 1907.

Despite the beauty of the Resurrection Church, it required restoration, which took place in 2005-2014. However, the cathedral was functioning. For example, there is a Sunday school for children. In addition, there is an icon workshop, so people can be taught icon painting.

By the 900th anniversary of the town Borisov, near the Resurrection Church, a monument to Duke Boris was erected – a founder of the town. The monument itself is rather interesting: Boris Vseslavich holds a sword, like the Christian cross, and one foot rests on a boulder with engraved "1102". In 1102, the town Borisov was founded. The monument is designed by three architects and sculptors: A. Artimovich, E. Kovalevsky and I. Morozov. Behind the duke, you can see Saint Eupraxia, whispering something to the great founder of the town. According to the legend, he was a son of Duke Vseslav the Sorcerer and ascended to the throne after his death. Duke Boris initiated the construction and restoration of many Orthodox churches and cathedrals.

The Resurrection Cathedral offers pilgrimage tours, so you can visit sacred sites in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.