Holy Resurrection Church in Vitebsk

Do you like church bell ringing? It is believed that it has healing properties. Whether it is true or not, we are not going to discuss, but no one will deny the fact that church bell ringing fascinates and penetrates into the soul, takes you far away and at the same time it is impossible to think about anything.  

In the heart of Vitebsk, you can listen to incredible melodies of 11 bells and enjoy exquisite smooth lines of a 37-meter snow-white beauty – Holy Resurrection Church.

Historical background of the Holy Ressurection church in Vitebsk

When choosing a site for construction, special attention was paid to the history. The first church was built at the expense of the merchant Nicholay Smyk, that’s why the church was unofficially called Smykovskaya. An architect of this monument of architecture is unknown, but according to some records, it was the architect of St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk – Johann Christoph Glaubitz.

For centuries, people had come here since the church had always stood at the same place. In fact, there were several churches at one place in different periods of time. In the XVI century, there was a wooden church; it was stone later in the XVIII century. The first one often burned, the second – was destroyed, but they were rebuilt every time. And each new church charmed by its beauty, even Napoleon Bonaparte did not dare to damage it but ordered to organize a hospital. In the XXI century in 2009 in the northern capital of Belarus, the church was built as we can see it today.

It can be said that the Church of the Resurrection belongs to people. Every family took participation in its construction in Vitebsk; each brick with a particular name was used for the construction of such a significant building. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why people like and treat this church in a special way.

The archietectural features of the Holy Ressurection church in Vitebsk

Words “elegance” and “sophistication” describe not only the exterior of the church but also its interior. The main facade of the church has two refined towers. The pediment of the Baroque style, the XIX century, was rebuilt in the classical style. In fact, it is possible to describe the church with the help of beautiful words but when you stand there and 600-kilogram chandelier hangs above you, there are amazing frescoes, made by local masters, and you can smell pleasant incense and wax – all words lose their meaning. Everyone should visit this church once in order to feel this unique atmosphere.

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