The Gates of the City in Minsk.

Traveling through the glorious city of Minsk, be sure to visit the Railway Station Square, where you will see the "twin towers" which are called the Gates of the City of Minsk! This landmark is the visiting card of the city, as it is the first unique architectural project that travelers see when they arrive to Minsk by train.

The Gates of the City of Minsk are two symmetrical high towers in the style of Stalin classicism (Empire style). This style combines the elements of baroque, late classicism and art deco. All the buildings of the Stalin Empire style are distinguished by their grandeur, luxury and even pomposity. The Gate of Minsk indelibly impresses at night due to their interesting and thoroughly projected lighting.

The architect of this project is Boris Rubanenko born in Leningrad. From 1947 to 1952 the architect made the complete reconstruction of the Railway station district, whereas the Minsk gates were to become the ceremonial symbol of the Railway station square and the city as a whole. However, the history of the Minsk gates dates back two years before the construction began. In 1945 in the city of Minsk there were carried out a number of archaeological excavations before the construction of the Nemiga subway station. Then the researchers discovered the remains of the old wooden gate. At this place they decided to build the "twin towers". There is an interesting fact that the prototype of the Minsk wooden bramble was the Golden Gate of Yaroslav in Kiev. The Minsk gates were designed to be erected on five-story apartment houses, where in the Soviet times the railway workers had lived.

Now the right tower is decorated with the coat of arms of the former Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. On the left tower you will see the German clock which is the biggest in the country, the diameter of the clock face is 3.5 meters and the length of the minute hand is 1.69 meters. This unique clock is a century-old military trophy, received by Belarus from Germany during the Second World War. At an altitude of 30 meters you can see the majestic sculptures of the worker, the collective farm woman, the engineer and the soldier, located along the perimeter of each tower. However, in the 70s the sculptures were temporarily dismantled due to their destruction, but after a while they were restored with a more durable material - Silumin.

You can look at the unique architectural monument of the "Gate of Minsk" both yourself and in the course of the city tour. We advise you to choose a night excursion to enjoy the "twin towers" and make some stunning photos. Passing through the front gate, you will find yourself at the Railway station square, right opposite the station building, whose glass completely reflects the "Gates of Minsk". By the way, there is an important historical event of 1905 named "Kurlovsky shooting" or a rally of workers, including employees of the station, which is associated with the Railway Station Square. As a result of the rally, more than 80 people were killed, more than 100 people were injured. Such bloody events took place at one of the historical squares of the city of Minsk, now Minsk is quite a friendly and very beautiful city, happily welcoming travelers from all over the world with its Gates of the city of Minsk!