Suvorov Military History Museum in Kobrin

The museum bearing the name of the great Russian commander A.V. Suvorov is the only one in Belarus. No wonder that it is in Kobrin, because these lands were granted him for his services by the Empress Catherine II. Here was his residence, which, unfortunately, did not reach our times. But perfectly preserved a magnificent landscape park in which the museum building is located, at the entrance to which there is a bust of Suvorov. 

Pages of History 

The history of the Suvorov Military History Museum began long ago. Empress Catherine II presented to her favorite in 1795 the land under the common name "Kobrinsky kluch", which consisted of an estate (originally it housed the first museum exposition) and the park. With the death of Suvorov, the estate was repeatedly in the hands of others and gradually deteriorated. Destroyed to the ground it was during the occupation by fascist troops: during the liberation of Kobrin before the Soviet soldiers the building already appeared in ruins.

However, very little time has passed, and, thanks to the perseverance and efforts of the first (and at that time the only) museum employee Alexei Mikhailovich Martynov, the formation of museum expositions was initiated. Already on May 1, 1948, the Military History Museum hosted the first visitors. Then there were five halls and three thematic sections devoted to our great ancestors, directly to Suvorov and the Russian war of 1812 with the French. Over time, another section was added, dedicated to the Suvorov traditions in the Russian army.

Already in the seventies the exposition grew to 385 square meters, having sixteen thematic sections. Now they covered the 800-year history of the Russian state from ancient times (X century) to the war with Napoleon (1812). Six of the halls of the sixteen were dedicated directly to the great commander, whose name is the museum. The exposition enjoyed incredible popularity, annually there were about one hundred and thirty thousand people. The population of Kobrin was only twenty-seven thousand.

In 1978 the building was closed for restoration. During the restructuring of the museum, some interiors were never restored. However, all this did not stop in 1980, to open the exposition for a visit. The museum was completely reoriented to acquaint visitors with the life path of Suvorov.

Ten years later, the second exposition of the museum opens in a new building, rebuilt specially for its needs. Just there, now, there are exhibits illustrating the history of military affairs from the 9th to the 20th centuries. Their number is amazing - about 21 000 only in the main exhibition halls and even more in the scientific and auxiliary fund.

The Suvorov Museum will amaze you with many unique exhibits: a rifled pischal, a complete and full set of the armor of the knights of the XVI century, the award-winning saber of the Prussian general, and rare items of the personal wardrobe of Russian emperors.