Water mill in Orsha

Water mill in Orsha


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Mills are considered rare surviving buildings. In the XX century, they began to lose its functionality because there was a possibility to build more efficient power plants. And, of course, empty mills rarely could be used for other purposes so they were destroyed by time or demolished for the construction of more modern buildings. Fortunately, there are exceptions. We are talking about the mill, which is familiar to everyone who lives here or at least once visited the town of Orsha.

Successful construction

The water mill in Orsha was built in the XVIII century, although the modern building of red brick appeared only in 1902. Since its construction, pretty interesting rumors began to appear. It was impossible to find a more efficient and profitable enterprise throughout the whole Orsha district and perhaps even the whole Mogilev region at that time. Superstitious people spread rumors that the foundation of the mill was sprinkled with blood. Even more superstitious workers of the enterprise began to slaughter a goose annually, on the St. Martin's Day.

The modern building is a bright example of industrial architecture of the XX century. It combines the simplicity and functionality. Thus, a decorative round window under the roof of the mill draws the attention of many experts, the date of the construction of the mill can be found there (1902).


More likely, the former mill is preserved present days due to the opening of the Orsha ethnographic museum "Mill" on June 23, 1995. There were restoration works within the project “Renaissance”, which lasted almost four years.

Showpieces of the museum occupy three floors of the building. Here you can look at everyday items and residents of Orsha lands from different periods of time, tools, dating back to the XIX century, linen and ceramic products. In short, you will explore everything that has formed the unique culture and way of life of this part of the country for centuries.

In addition to the regular exhibition, the museum "Mill" offers interesting temporary exhibitions. However, the building itself of the former water mill is a hydraulic monument that all residents of Orsha know and are proud of. By the way, the building is located in the heart of the town.

Fortunately, in order to visit such a curious place, you should take part in one of the excursions organized in Orsha plus you will also see a memorial complex "Katyusha" dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and a building with an interesting history - railway station.

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, Orsha , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 190 km

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