Watermill in Gervyaty village

Grodno region is a picturesque land of blue lakes, majestic manors, castles and temples. It is proved by the picturesque town of Grodno called Gervyaty, where, despite the small number of residents and small territory, a lot of interesting places are concentrated from the point of view of the inquisitive traveler. Gervyaty is a place of stunning beauty, located in the Ostrovets district of the Grodno region. It is known for the beautiful Trinity Church, which is simply breathtaking. But there is another cultural value - a water mill, which, necessarily, is worth visiting.

The first mention of Gervyaty is connected with the 15th century. During the period of its existance Gervyaty was a part of the Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and Poland. Only in the late 30-ies of the last century, Gervyaty joined the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Besides the Trinity Church in the village there is another source of pride. It is a water mill, built in the 19th century. The watermill is located on the beautiful local river bank Losha. An interesting fact is that this building was built in the original style - timber framing, the invention of which belongs to the Germans. The buildings performed in this style can be found in the northern West European countries, and in Belarus it is a curiosity. The building was built thoroughly: wooden arches strongly fortified the building, protecting it from natural anomalies. Mill at that time was fully equipped with everything you need, including special devices for lifting heavy loads of grain. Flour in Gervyaty was made for every taste, and even there was fine grinding one. During its existence, the mill was very popular, bringing its owner - Pan Domeyko - a decent profit. With the arrival of Soviet power, the building came under collectivization, however, it continued working, because the bread to the new authorities was also needed.

The watermill in the village Gervyaty was actively used to generate electricity in the village and functioned perfectly, until the Second World War. In the middle of the last century historical building fell into decay and disrepair: the roof sprung a leak, and wooden structures began to rot. Only in the 80s, the mill, after a long period of work, had been completely restored. The most original thing is that, a good cafe with euphonious name "Mill" is now located in the building, where the village residents as well as dear guests relax and spend their free time. They visit this cozy place after a long tour with a great pleasure. 

Watermill in the village Gervyaty, will certainly catch your eye while visiting the magnificent church built in neo-Gothic style, with a stunning landscaped park and original sculptures. Don’t pass by because it is the Belarusian cultural attraction which exterior can be enjoyed endlessly and the interior should be evaluated when visiting the café, with a rich variety of original dishes.