Vitebsk City Museum of Internationalist Soldiers
Vitebsk City Museum of Soldiers-Internationalists is the only state museum in Belarus on its subject. The museum was opened in 1996. The Vitebsk Union of Veterans of the War in Afghanistan, city and regional associations of veterans of the Afghan War were at the origins of the creation of the museum of soldiers-internationalists.  The collection of materials about the victims of the Vitebsk region was started by the search club "Red Jib" and students of secondary school No. 25 of the city of Vitebsk.
The exhibition is dedicated to the war in Afghanistan 1979-1989.
The exposition begins with the presentation of the traditions, history and culture of the Afghan people. It tells about the reasons for the entry of Soviet troops, significant operations. The second hall is dedicated to various branches of the armed forces, the participation of the 103 Guards Airborne Division (at the moment the unit is called the 103rd Separate Guards Airborne Brigade) in the war in Afghanistan. The third hall is a memorial hall, it contains photographs, personal belongings, documents, awards of the dead and those who died from wounds and diseases of the natives of Vitebsk region. A separate stand is dedicated to the famous 339 military Transport Aviation regiment stationed in Vitebsk.
The museum presents exhibits with a rich military history, trophies. A map, a pouch, a banner with an Islamic slogan, a homemade bulletproof vest – all these things were captured from the Mujahideen during the fighting. Visitors can touch a hundred-year-old cannon preserved from the Anglo-Afghan war, see Soviet uniforms, secret maps. 
The tragedy of this war is in a bullet–riddled helmet, a pierced bulletproof vest, a helicopter pilot's map with a paved route. Long and hard 9 years. The heart of the museum is the hall of memory, where photographs of the victims of the Vitebsk region are placed. A war passed through their lives, alien and incomprehensible. Boys and men who passed through it were given the status: "Afghan" – for life and posthumously.