Upper Town in Minsk

The very heart of the Belarusian capital is rightly occupied by Upper Town. This is one of the most frequently visited metropolitan attractions. And this is a well-deserved fact. You cannot find anywhere in the city such well-preserved buildings of the 16th and 18th centuries, smell the scent of epochs and feel affected by the cultural heritage of the country.

Sights of the Upper Town in Minsk 

Upper town consists of:

The history of this part of Minsk

That part of Minsk became Upper town in the 16th century, but people had begun to build their settlements here the 12th century already. By the 16th century Upper Town was inhabited mainly by the richest and the most influential inhabitants, who built their residences here. Until the late 18th century Upper Town was surrounded by an earthen rampart and was considered to be the centre of Minsk. Up to the beginning of WW2, Upper Town was the centre of creative and business life of Minsk. Unfortunately, hostilities during the war led to the destruction of many historical buildings, however in the postwar period many structures were yet restored with town citizens’ effort.

To date, this part of the city is considered one of the most mysterious and amazing. Here you can find architectural monuments of different historical epochs and styles: buildings in the Baroque style, classicism, eclecticism and modernity - all this is represented literally a step away.

During the past few years Upper Town has been acquiring more and more its historical appearance. The town hall again has become one of the main capital’s symbols, the historical buildings of the streets came to be renewed, the restoration works returned the atmosphere and an unusual mood to the local back streets and houses of this place.

The central element of entire Upper Town is Svoboda square, built in the 16th century already. By the way, very interesting legends are associated with it. One of the most fascinating secrets is that there are numerous underground passages, connecting all the monasteries in Minsk territory, under Svoboda square. These underground tunnels are more than 4 centuries, and they served, like the monasteries, with defensive purposes during wartime.

Upper Town offers an amazing view of the Nemiga river. Here you can overlook the most beautiful panorama of Minsk. A particularly fascinating view opens in the evening, when lights are lit and the city as if comes to life.

Upper Town is included into all sightseeing tours around Minsk

Small paved streets, small atmospheric restaurants, pawnshops and small stores, located in historical buildings, attract with their beauty and uniqueness. A small town in the centre of Metropolis is unlikely to leave indifferent even the most sophisticated tourist. It is not surprising that this part of the already modern capital of Belarus can be easily compared to a typical European town. Having joined our Minsk sightseeing tours, you can see all the sights of Minsk.

Visiting the Upper Town, you can go on a pedestrian path along the Nemiga River: there are also equipped bicycle paths and catamarans.