Boulder Dazhdboga in the village of Kremenets

Boulder Dazhdboga in the village of Kremenets

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In Logoysk district in the village of Kremenets there is an unusual natural phenomenon, which many scientists propose to declare as a natural and cultural reserve. By the way, Kamenets village got its name due to a lot of silicon in nearby fields. Earlier in these places, chalk was mined, which went for sale abroad. And 600 meters from the village lies a stone, which the locals consider special and even unique in their kind. 

Scientists call the phenomenon associated with the worship of boulder, people's Christianity. And it consists in the fact that for hundreds of years people have been praying for this stone, leaving gifts with it, embroidering a stone with legends and traditions, and also revere it as the most real sacred thing. 

On Easter, people carry painted eggs and Easter pies to the stone, full of green twigs near the stone on the Trinity, and on the holiday of Ivan Kupala the girls leave the wreaths near the stone. So, for every religious holiday people bring here any gifts. This boulder is a real local attraction. Mushroom pickers go to the forest - they always ask for luck the stone, but some of the collected gifts are also remembered to present. Young people also do not forget about the stone: on the second day of the wedding or on birthday, often local young people give presents to the boulder. 

The surface of the stone consists of 5 holes, the rainwater of which is considered curative. Previously, this boulder was called Dazhbogov, because in times of arid weather, locals came to the boulder, lifted it slightly and put pins under it. The next day it was raining. If the local residents had enough rain, the boulders were removed from the boulder. However, now the name Dazhbogov has already been forgotten. 

In 2014, the stone was taken under the protection of the state, and the tradition of worshiping a boulder became an intangible cultural heritage of our state. At the end of the 20th century, no expedition was organized in Kamenetz. In one of them, the Belarusian archaeologist Edward Zaikovsky proposed to name this place as the Kremenets sanctuary. 

According to the stories of local residents, a stone can not be carried away from its place. One legend says that one day Pan from a neighboring village decided to take a boulder as part of the foundation for his future home. However, what was his disappointment when, shortly after the construction was finished, the house began to rot and the stone "cry." Then Pan dreamed that the boulder asked to return it to its place. And Pan quickly hurried to fulfill the desire of a magic boulder. 

Near the boulder was once a long time well, the water in which was also considered curative. However, after the war the well was hammered in with a weapon, there was no more water in it. Previously, near the stone was built a small gate, though, now everything is overgrown with bushes. 

Now, pilgrims from all over Belarus come to the village of Kamenets in the Logoisk district for healing water, which treats eye diseases and which can be applied to painful places. True or not, local residents have been using word of mouth to transmit amazing and unique cases of healing the human body thanks to rainwater from the Dazhbog boulder.

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