The Assumption Church in the village of Vidzy

The Assumption Church in the village of Vidzy


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The Assumption Church in the village of Vidzy

Vidzy is an urban settlement with the population size of a little more than one and a half thousand people, located in picturesque Braslav land. It is wide-known in Belarus, as well as outside the country, thanks to its unique attraction – one of the most ancient, wonderful and high churches. The church bears the name of the Thinity, and its height is perfect 59 meters! However, there is what to look at except for this. In our article we are going to talk about the Old Belivers’ Assumption Church, you haven’t probably heard about, but this attraction is not less interesting than the glorified church.

The village and its history

The populated area under the name of Vizdy had been mentioned in historical chronicles as far back as in XV century. The lands of interfluve of the rivers Disna and Drivyaty were gifted by the great prince Sigismund Keistutovich to tree brothers. The descendants of Narush, one of them, became the dynasty of the Narusheviches over time, which founded the village Vidzy. The origin of the name having Finno-Ugrian root “vidze” means in translation “meadow” and “mowing”.

As most of Belarusian villages and small towns, Vidzy was constantly changing its owners. The families of Dovgirdovichi, Gashtoldy, Patsy, Vavzhetski were reckoned among them. After the great state Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had ceased to exist, the village was under the Russian Empire authority. By the way, during the war with Napoleon the headquarters of Alexander I and the commander of the Russian troops unit, glorified Barclay de Tolly had been located there. Vizdy caught a lot as a result of the fierce battles between the French and the Russian.

Adam Mitskevich came to his uncle in Vidzy, once a distinguished Russian revolutionary Alexander Podzhilo lived there. In 1835 the village suffered from fire, occupied a vast territory, and taken the lives of greater part of the population away.

This was not the end of suffering for that land. The destruction continued during the First and Second World Wars, as the result of which Vidzy lost the capital of the region status.

Old Believers’ Assumption Church

What is this Assumption Church, which you can look at while visiting Vidzy, remarkable for? First, for that there are very few religious buildings, erected by Old Believers, and preserved in such a good condition on the territory of Belarus.

The Assumption Church is a splendid building pattern, erected in Art Nouveau style, whose architect was L.I. Vitan Dubeikovski in 1905. The temple was built of red brick. When you look at the main facade for the first time your attention will be captured with a belfry in tree tires, above which an onion dome towers. Entrance portal is of interest, which is quite high, on the sides of which niches were placed. There are images of Orthodox cross in them. Over the altar an octahedral drum was installed, made of wood, and above it the onion dome towered. The building of the Church strikes with its plenty of stone decor –  windowsills’ panels, cornice belts, windows’ surrounds and surely the above-mentioned niches with crosses. The icon of “Saint Nicholas” deserves a special attention, which was drawn in the early XIX century and located inside of the Church.

If you are interested in Christian architecture, and you are excited with the history of such branch’s development as Old Belief, then you ought to come to Vidzy. The Assumption Church along with other attractions, located here, undoubtedly will be liked both by pilgrims, travelling to holy places of Belarus, and by common tourists with architectural heritage connoisseurs.

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