The Estate of the Sapieha Family in the Village Druya

The Estate of the Sapieha Family in the Village Druya


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This estate is located in the small village Druya, the Vitebsk region. Little-known facts about the famous Belarusian poet and writer Yanka Kupala are linked with this place. According to local legends and myths, the treasure of Napoleon is hidden somewhere in Druya. And, of course, the estate itself is connected with the famous Belarusian-Lithuanian magnates and dukes such as Sapieha, Svyatsky, and Mickiewicz.

XIX and XX centuries were full of historical events, and, unfortunately, most of them were negative and destructive. Two World Wars and revolutions, problems within the country and a change of government affected cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Belarus.

Time did not spare the estate of the Sapieha family in the village Druya. Nowadays, there are only the remains of the estate and partially preserved park. Thanks to historical documents, we can only guess how this place looked at that time. Nowadays, the estate of the Sapieha has only 10-15% of the original building since the estate was reconstructed many times.

At the beginning of the XVII century, Jan Sapieha started the construction of a new castle on the bank of the Western Dvina River. According to historical documents, the castle was surrounded by a moat in 1643. Nowadays, by the way, tourists can see the remains of the building. There are not many documents on the construction of the castle and its pictures, many historians consider that the castle dates fr om the XIX century.

The Sapieha family was very rich and powerful, its members reached its peak at the beginning of the XVIII century. Then they began to buy, conquer lands and equip their residences. Estates of the Sapieha family were built with the help of European architects and designers. Few Belarusian noblemen could afford it.

Thus, the park in the village Druya is considered a monument of landscape architecture. It was founded at the beginning of the XIX century. Today it is a perfect place for walking. The park covers ​​4 hectares; different trees grow there. The estate house is a center of the composition.

Although the modern estate house little resembles the original building, many tourists come here. Not many inhabitants live in the village Druya, so it is very quiet and cozy. Local people are always glad to see guests and tourists. Many of them, by the way, are very proud that they live in the place wh ere the Sapieha family lived once. The estate is associated with numerous mysterious legends, which you will find out if you visit this beautiful unique place.

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