Yasevichi Manor in the village of Kushlyany

The Park of the Yasevich family Estate in Kushlyany  

Kushlyany is one of the popular points of the Belarusian tour routes. Kushlyany bustled with real social life in times gone by, music nights were held there, and noblemen went hunting. All that was in the XIX century, and now tourists come to Kushlyany to see what has survived up to now.

The spirit of the age

The date of the construction of the Yasevich family estate in Kushlyany is the XIX century. A wooden granary and a park have also survived there. The estate in Kushlyany is filled with the spirit of the Belarusian peasant life, attracts tourists, and gives you the opportunity to touch with the epoch that reigned in those ancient times. Despite the fact that only the granary has survived, nevertheless, even this single structure is very colorful and covered with the spirit of the past.

The preserved park

How picturesque and beautiful the local park is; it was laid out by the Yasevich family itself! In times gone by, noble people walked along its walkways: its owners as well as guests. They enjoyed the clean fresh air, great views of the local forests and fields. The trees that still rustle here include maples and limes. The species diversity impresses not only tourists, but also creates a special atmosphere that was characteristic of the XIX century.

The connection of centuries

If you touch a tree, you can feel what those who touched them two centuries ago felt. Such connection of centuries is very exciting and amazing thing. It's like a kind of time machine. You are in the fresh air, among the picturesque places of Kushlyany.

The monument of memory

Why should you visit the estate? Though it has not been fully preserved, but there is a special monument – the ruins of the Yasevich family estate. These stones and the access way are a sign in memory of that past that, unfortunately, has not survived to our days. However, this does not prevent numerous tourists fr om visiting the estate.

Kushlyany is included in most tour itineraries in Grodno region, and it is not an accident, as a visit to such an interesting and beautiful place is always exciting for both tour groups and individual travelers. Choose this corner of Belarus for visiting. You are sure to like it. Besides, you will get unforgettable impressions.

Any journey leaves traces in our lives. Returning from a trip, we perceive everything around us differently. Isn't it? Have you noticed how you can easily create something new after a visit to another country? How easy is it to create and to choose new routes? Outdoor recreation is very beneficial in these terms. Wh ere else as not in Belarus – the country of blue lakes and rivers, and also green forests – to seek inspiration and to know the unknown?

Come to Belarus, and let this country become your true source of inspiration.