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The Estate of the Vavzhetsky Family in Vidzy-Lovchinskiye

The Estate of the Vavzhetsky Family in Vidzy-Lovchinskiye


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You will find a unique landmark dating from the beginning of the XVIII century in the village Vidzy-Lovchinskiye of the Braslav district, the Vitebsk region. This estate is connected with the Vavzhetsky family, the Belarusian-Lithuanian noblemen.

The complex was built in the late XVIII century near the lake on the order of the Vovzhetsky family, who were the first owners of the house. By the way, this place is connected with the Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising in Poland. In 1759, in the village of Vidzy, Tomas Vovzhetsky was born in the estate house - the future Polish politician, who held the position of the cornet in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for a long time. After the local Jesuit school, Tomas wanted to "conquer" the world and realize his potential as a politician in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His efforts were not in vain.

In 1794, when the Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising took place, Tomas received the rank of lieutenant-general. A month later, Kosciuszko was severely wounded and captured. Polish rebel forces were led by Tomas Vavzhetsky. Therefore, the estate complex in the Belarusian village was anyhow connected with these events in Poland in 1794.

Like in other estate complexes, a one-storey wooden house is a center of the whole composition. The entrance to the estate house is decorated with a rectangular parterre. Outbuildings and yard are adjacent to the house. Here is a beautiful park with many rare species of trees: walnut, European larch, several species of maple, English oak and snap willow. All of these trees created a warm atmosphere in the family park.

It is necessary to note that tourists come here not only to visit the estate complex. The local land is rich in hydrogen sulfide sources that have a beneficial effect on the human body. It is known that in the territory of the village Vidzy-Lovchinskiye in the XIX century, the noble of the Mineyko family opened the first health resort in Belarus. Highly qualified doctors worked here for a long time. Unfortunately, in the XX century, the source closed. The remains of therapeutic baths found in the woods prove the existence of this health resort. Not every tourist can find them. Foresters and local residents know this unique place like the back of their hands.

Nowadays, this source of hydrogen sulfide is studied in the National Academy of Sciences. Therefore, it is possible that a new health resort will be opened in the village soon. Meanwhile, you may enjoy splendid views of the estate park, walk with children and imagine the old days, when the estate was a center of life in the whole district.

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