The Tuganovichi manor in the village of Karchova

The Tuganovichi manor in the village of Karchova


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The Tuganovichi manor in the village of Karchova

The Tuganovichi Manor – is one more bright trace on not only the architecture map, but also on the literary map of the sights of our country. The family of Vereshchaki owned this estate. But not only the estate had immortalized their name in centuries. As you may recall fr om the history, it was Maria Vereshchaka who became the very unique woman for the legendary Belarusian-Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. There is a famous Tuganovichsky park in the manor, where the poet walked arm in arm with his darling under the shades of the trees. So every person who wants to travel to all the corners of Belarus connected with the name of Mickiewicz should visit it. And that is why the visit to Tuganovichi is one of the most popular destinations included in the tourist route "The way of Adam Mickiewicz."

From the history of the Karchova village and the manor

According to the legend, in ancient times the territory of Karchova belonged to Prince Tugan, so the estate and the park were named in his honor. The owners of the land changed constantly, among them there were famous for centuries gentry families and dynasties: Nemirovichi, Massalskie, Tuganovskie, Vereshchaki and others. However, thanks to the latter (namely Anthony Vereshchako, who had built the manor in Tuganovichi) the area became known to everyone.

In 1911 there was the project "Experimental field in Tuganovichi", wh ere the testing of new crop varieties was carried out. Also they planned to develop new high-yielding varieties. But, three years later, with the arrival on these lands of the First World War, the experiments came to an end.

The manor and the romantic park today

All written sources which contain the memories about Tuganovichi manor call it one of the most hospitable and charming corners of Belarus. It was a spacious two-storeyed house, built of wood and covered with shingle roof. There were four benches on the cozy porch; passing through the entry, you could get to the first floor of the estate. The main room of the ground floor was a spacious apartment with four windows and a beautiful stove made of green tiles. The buffet was near the door. Nearby there were two small rooms: a living-room decorated with wallpaper, and a medical room called “the first-aid kit”. The first floor was reserved for the bedroom, study room and another small living-room.

The garden was located behind the house, as it was typical for the gentry houses planning. Also there were a small pond and the outhouses. Tuganovichi manor had its own two-wheeled mill with the miller’s house nearby.

Unfortunately, the manor almost have not preserved to our times. However, the park, that keeps the charm and spirit of the Romantic era, still exists there exciting the hearts and preserving the memory of the times. Moreover, the admirers will be interested in the history of the boulder, located not far from the ruins of the manor. It is called "the Filaret stone" and represents their ideals. Here Tamas Zan, Jan Czeczot, Ignat Domeyko and other famous members of this organization have vowed to stay faithful to the ideals of freedom, justice and brotherhood.

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