Estate of Unihovski in the village of Rusinovichi

Village Rusinovichi is located in the Minsk region and belongs to Samohvalovichy village Council. Interesting fact: in the second half of the XX century on the territory of the village actively carried out scientific experiments. Now Rusinovichi considered a typical Belarusian village. But still there is something that distinguishes the Belarusian Outback from thousands of like.

In Rusinovichi until our days preserved the old estate of the Belarusian princes Unihovski, which is considered heritage of the Belarusian people and a reflection of the culture and life of the nobles.

History of the farmstead complex begins from the XIII century. This is a real unique historical building, as most modern estates on the territory of Belarus date back to XVIII-XIX century. In the seventeenth century these lands belonged to the princes Zhizemski, representatives of the noble family who derive their origin from Rurik. A little later, the rightful owners of the land are considered noble family Unihovski. The last owner of the house is Unihovskiy Janusz, who was the husband of Sophia Elskaya – daughter of the famous composer and violinist Mikhail Elsky.

The manor was built by the princes Unihovskyi at the end of the XVIII century, once housed here on the site. The stone building was made in the new "trendy" style of that distant time. The home place was not chosen by chance: it was opened the most beautiful views of the picturesque expanse of Rusinovichi, hence, a good view of the river Ptich.

The house was constructed very elegantly. It seemed that every detail was carefully thought out. The main Park and the facade was adorned with a four-columned portico, the front of the stalls you can sit and enjoy the view of the floodplain of Ptich. It also opened eyes to the pond, and all this incredible beauty was surrounded by a small landscape Park. A little later near the house was extended with side volume and a winter garden. Near the house was formerly the ancient moat, later in its place was erected a small pond. This pond, located deep in the banks, stretched perpendicular to the direction of Ptich. Near this place there loved to walk the owners and guests of the estate.

 These estates were often written by poets, here loved to paint their landscapes and sketches artists. And all thanks to the distinctive romanticism and odious Majesty inherent in this architectural monument. The monumentality of the whole estate of the composition attached to a Park gate, which was made in the form of single-span arches with high lateral towers.

The farm, incidentally, was known far beyond Rusinovichi. And all thanks to the fact that the estate were a unique collection of art treasures, which no decade has been collected Unihovskyi. Here you can see antique furniture, crystal, numismatic collection, art paintings, portraits of Unihovskyi, as well as various objects associated with the military actions of 1812.

Unfortunately, the building of the manor has not survived to our days. Now we can only look at the barn, the stables, the Park and some outbuildings.