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The Umyastovsky family estate in the village of Zhemyslavl

The Umyastovsky family estate in the village of Zhemyslavl


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Those who travel frequently, certainly know that there is a park called “Lazienki Park” in the Polish capital. This palace and park complex in Warsaw has inspired and continues to inspire with its beauty more than one generation. One of the park copies is the Umyastovsky family estate in Zhemyslavl village that is located in Grodno region. Yes, it is in Belarus, and it's high time to go there.

Zhemyslavl settlement appeared on the map in the XVII century, and the estate was built in 1877. First, the land in the village belonged to the Pac kin, then – to landowner Shchit. He built the house with a red tile roof on the land and a small chapel close to the structure. But it was still far cry from the palace and park complex in Warsaw.

Kazimir and Yuzefa Umyastovsky became the estate owners in 1828. They began to rebuild old and create new buildings. It was Yuzefa who decided to reproduce a royal residence according to fashion trends of that time. A coach room, barns, a riding house, stables and an orangery were built on the estate territory. The estate house itself resembled a miniature royal residence. But only Kazimir and Yuzefa’s son, Vladislav, managed to complete its construction.

Thus, Vladislav and his wife Yanina decided to continue the work, begun by the Umyastovsky spouses. The internal entourage also had to be similar to the royal residence in Warsaw. Therefore, it was decided to build very beautiful marble furnaces and fireplaces in the Parisian style. The floor in all the rooms was covered with parquet which was laid out in an ornament form. Walls of the estate were decorated with frescoes. It’s interesting, that the newly formed couple lived kingly as well: they had so many servants that people were settled in the neighboring buildings. Just imagine these luxurious life conditions! Vladislav and Yanina managed to fully complete the building of the estate in 1880s.

The Umyastovsky family began to improve the park around the house after the estate construction was completed. The park area occupied 7 hectares of land. A Frenchman James, who was a gardener and a landscape master, was specially invited for the creation of garden beauty. James made every effort so that the park was similar to the one that kings themselves had in Warsaw. Thus, linden and chestnut alleys were planted. Fruit trees completed the beautiful garden in depth of the park. For fun, there was a pond in the park too.

The estate survived after the First World War, after the revolution, and after the World War II. There was a club, a library, a village council, and a post office as well in the estate after in the postwar time. All the buildings have preserved to the present day. Of course, most of the components have been lost, but nevertheless everyone remembers the estate beauty.

The Umyastovsky kin can be proud of the fact that the estate has not been forgotten about to this day. Numerous tourists come here. The estate has the same fame as the Polish “Lazienki Park”.


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