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Tadeush Kostyushko estate in Kossovo

Tadeush Kostyushko estate in Kossovo


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The town with an interesting name of Kossovo is known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. First of all, a magnificent palace of amazing preservation is located here, striking with the might of the fortress walls, as well as its quiant appearance, achieved due to the twelve towers above it. In addition, it was here, where legendary Tadeush Kostyushko was born - an outstanding historical figure, a revolutionary, a national hero of several countries (including the US). The Puslovsky dynasty, which owned Kossovo and built a palace on its land, which has survived to our times, was proud of the neighborhood with the small homeland of Kostyushko.


The future revolutionary was born in Kossovo on February 4, 1746, in the lands that were a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He received military education (cadet corps in Warsaw, Poland), continued his education in France, returned to his homeland only in 1774. Shortly after working as a tutor for the children of magnate Juzef Sosnowski, he was forced to return to France after a failed escape with his employer's daughter. As early as in 1776 our fellow countryman defended the US independence with arms in hand in the Continental Army ranks.

This outstanding soldier fought almost his entire life. Returning to his homeland, he joined the army of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1789, and five years later he stood behind the rise of the rebellion and headed it. After the rebel forces defeat, the hero finds himself in captivity, but not for long: Paul I, who succeeded Empress Catherine II on the throne, taking into account Tadeush's merits before the four countries, pardoned him and allowed him to return to the United States of America. The native of Kossovo never returned to Belarus. After living in the US, he came back to France, then lived in Switzerland until the end of his life.

Merechevshchina farmstead, owned by the Kostyushko kin and where Tadeush himself took the first breath, was a part of the Puslovskys’ lands as far back as in 1864. By that time the estate was fairly dilapidated, so the new owners, proud of the heritage that the house kept, restored it: they renewed the walls, covered the roof with straw so that the estate to become the special appeal of their luxurious palace ensemble. The house in which Kostyushko was born had stood for almost eighty years in such an untouched view, until a devastating war came to Kossovo land. The fire that occurred in 1942 left only the foundation of the house...

The place had been caused to forget before the XXI century beginning, when the remains of the basement and cellars were discovered during the excavations. The finding has become a real treasure: in the course of restoration works countless artifacts of the XVII-XVIII centuries were found, which became the first exposition of the museum, opened here in 2004. When you visit the museum you can see various objects made of iron, including coins, fragments of butovic masonry and pieces of tiles dating to the 18th century.

The estate-museum of Tadeush Kostyushko is the place to visit without postponing. Interesting excursions held here, as well as the amazing palace, located only a few dozen meters from the museum - all of it does not leave anyone indifferent.

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