The Estate of the Svyatskys in Krupki

The Estate of the Svyatskys in Krupki


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The town of Krupki, located in Minsk region, is situated on the Bobr River. Its guests find this town very interesting. This Belarusian remote place is famous for its extraordinary landscape and a major historical landmark - the ancient estate of the Svyatskys.

Maria and Karl Svyatskys owned this place in the XIX century. Krupki was famous throughout the whole district because there was a large flour milling plant. By 1861, it was possible to achieve unprecedented results at that time: only 17 workers produced about 1,200,000 pounds of flour per year. The flour was sold not only to residents, but it was also sent to other large cities and towns of Belarus.

Karl Svyatsky had a unique entrepreneurial instinct. By the end of the 19th century, he founded another factory in Krupki and hired 50 people. The factory produced high-quality match sticks and was considered the largest enterprise at that time in the territory of the whole guberniya. Match sticks were delivered even to America.

At the same time, Karl Svyatsky started to build his estate house in the town of Krupki. The two-story house belongs to the Art Nouveau style. The house has towers. By the way, at that time it was very popular to build houses in the Russian modernism style. The architects tried to combine some borrowed elements with the originality and spirit of the Belarusian people. The interior design of the house was harmoniously connected with the appearance of the whole building.

The house is made in light colors. There is no pretentiousness and unnecessary adornment of the outer walls. In the XIX century, the estate of the Svyatskys was a real pearl of this land. Local people admired the beauty of the house and enjoyed the landscapes of a small park.

The Svyatskys liked to invite guests. Karl Svyatsky was fond of hunting and he exhibited his trophies in the rooms for the reception of guests.

A church was built near the estate, which was standing for almost a century. A legend is linked with its destruction. When the church was demolished, a resident of the town decided to keep a piece of the church dome. During the construction of a new church in the late XX century, this dome was moved to the new church. Almost the entire estate house, part of the park and some outbuildings have been preserved to present days.

Karl Svyatsky was known as a skilled entrepreneur. Local people respected him. A tannery and oil mill were built, post office functioned, school at the church and synagogue appeared.

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, Krypki , Belarus
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