The Estate of the Sulistrovskys in the village of Komarovo

The Estate of the Sulistrovskys in the village of Komarovo


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There are more than two thousand estate complexes in the territory of Belarus. Some of them were lucky: they have been preserved in their original form. While other ancient estates left behind only ruins or historical archival information. The estate of the Sulistrovskys in the village of Komarovo, Myadel district, Minsk region, belongs to the first category of the country's historical heritage.

The beginning of the construction of the estate dates back to the end of the XVIII century. The founders of the estate were representatives of the Lithuanian noble family of the Sulistrovskys, who held high positions in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For example, Khristov Sulistrovsky held a position of marshal in the Lithuanian Confederation; Aloysius Sulistrovsky was a scribe in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and his son Kazimir was considered the governor of Minsk for some time and was a member of the Masonic Lodge "Northern Torch".

The Sulistrovskys, in addition to several gorgeous estates in Belarus, had their own palace in Vilnius. Since the end of the XIX century, they owned Komarovo with all the buildings. Nowadays, the estate is considered a bright monument of the park-estate architecture of the late XIX century. Basically, almost all the estate complexes consisted of the same buildings. Each residence of the nobles featured a two-storey or one-storey house (often stone), park area and necessary outbuildings.

The estate of the Sulistrovskys was no exception. There was a one-storey house built in the Art Nouveau style, large cozy park, entrance alley, smithy, barn, distillery, and a specially designed and installed water system. Nowadays, outbuildings have been preserved in perfect condition. You can plunge into the life of Belarusians with the help of an exciting excursion to the gardener's house and other workers. The school of 1935 has been also preserved. You can feel the spirit of the era in the estate house.

Almost the whole territory of the former park has survived to the present day. There were several ponds and numerous channels. Trees and greenery create a pleasant natural environment. The Sulistrovskys liked to walk in the park and spend all their spare time there.

Nowadays, the road to the territory of the estate complex begins with an entrance gate. The exterior of the estate house looks good. However, earlier the house was used as a school and it has never been restored since 1935.

Tourists like to visit the estate of the Sulistrovskys in summer and winter. There are wonderful landscapes in summer. Winter is also beautiful here. The burgundy roofs of the wings can be seen among white snow drifts. It is a favorite place of local people for recreation and promenades. Guests from other regions of Belarus also like to come here.


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