Stanislavovo estate in Grodno

Stanislavovo estate in Grodno


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Grodno city is a tourist gem of Belarus. It is a real heaven for those who like to walk through beautiful places, to visit unique sights with unbelievable history and to enjoy the view of the city, situated on the Neman River.

Stanislavovo estate in Grodno deserves an individual attention. That building, preserved to the present, was being built during ten years. The estate was erected upon the project of Italian architect Guzeppe Sakko in 1770. This unique building is worth seeing with your own eyes. And just imagine that once a royal foot of Stanislav Avgust Ponyatovsky stepped there. Yes, the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was sure that that estate would be his residence for a long time. But fate had its own plans, so the king lived in Grodno for a while. But the estate has preserved to the present. Its beauty strikes both the residents of the city, and also numerous tourists, who come to look at it.

Luckily, not only the estate has preserved, but the park nearby has done too. And it means that a strolling among the ancient trees would suit your taste. Moreover, some of the lime trees in the park still remember the king himself.

As for the architecture and layout of the estate, then it has pretty changed. But it doesn’t make it less attractive by any means. Still there are some of the past elements, which have served until now, and they are the real decoration. Two ancient furnaces make an example of it.

Grodno agriculture institute has been located in Stanislavovo since 1953. Thus, in 80s of the previous century, serious changes of the estate were made, in course of which it was greatly re-established. Now, different departments of Grodno agriculture institute are located on the territory of the estate. A monument to Kliment Timiryazev, a well-known scientist and physiologist, is placed in front of the estate building.

In 2007, it was decided to transform the estate into its original form. And a reconstruction plan for the building was designed in 2011. It is you, who have to learn during the excursion, how much the estate has been changed and has come to its original appearance.

You ought to drop at Stanislavovo estate. It is one more amazing place, connected with great history, which has preserved until now. You are to make a discovery of a new Grodno and to learn about this wonderful city even more. Let it be possible for you to stay in this Belarusian city longer, you will never regret it and you will enjoy this cozy place. In particular, Stanislavovo estate will become your next discovery, and a reminder of the fact that there are places of great beauty in Belarus, which have preserved until the present day. Don’t hesitate; your trip around Belarus may start with Grodno!  


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