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Puttkamer manor in the agro-town of Boltishki

Puttkamer manor in the agro-town of Boltishki

Bolteniki, Grodno region, Voronovsky district, 231381, ag. Boltiniki

Palaces, manors, castles

Bolteniki is a village of Voronovsky district, Grodno region of Belarus. The main attraction of the village of Bolteniki is the manor house, which was built in 1895. This estate is an architectural monument of the XIX century. In the village of Bolteniki, the manor house itself is perfectly preserved. Outbuildings and a park have also been preserved. Outbuildings are still used for their intended purpose, and the manor house houses a library and a village club. An outbuilding has also been perfectly preserved next to the manor house. It will be quite interesting for tourists and travelers to get acquainted with the sights of the village of Bolteniki, it is very easy to do this because the village is located very close to the busy highway connecting Belarus and Lithuania. The village of Bolteniki is located in the border area.

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