The estate-museum of Vasil Bykov in the village of Bychki

The estate-museum of Vasil Bykov in the village of Bychki



A small village with a talking title Bychki is a birthplace of one of our main literature leading figures – famous and brilliant writer Vasil Bykov. Long time ago, at the beginning of the last century, it brought up the famous Great Patriotic War participant, the famous writer, the winner of the Lenin Prize, and the Hero of Socialist Labor. Now there is an actively visited museum with a rich exposition in the village, which is entirely devoted to its illustrious countryman.

A legendary personality

Vasil Bykov was born in Bychki in 1924. Oddly enough, but he was more fond of drawing, than of the art of words in the childhood, which, however, did not prevent him fr om growing a comprehensively gifted and an educated man. He graduated fr om a local eight-year school, then studied at the faculty of sculpture in Vitebsk (wh ere he was forced to expel as scholarships had been canceled). In 1942, the future great writer already appeared on the front, and, thanks to the turned up opportunities graduated from Saratov Infantry School. War became one of the main themes of his further works; in particular, during one of the battles he was wounded, after which he was considered to be dead (novel "The Dead feel no pain"). Bykov way home is reflected in the autobiographical book "The Long Road Home."

What is Vasil Bykov so famous for? Of course, for his unforgettable literary heritage which children learn at school as a part of the obligatory program, and older readers - when they want to get acquainted with the literature, which reflects the impressions of the direct participant of the World War II hostilities. And not only wars. Many of timely post-war topics were discussed in his works.

After demobilization he lived in Grodno and Minsk, worked in regional newspapers. Bykov lived abroad for a long time, repeatedly criticized the current government. He died on the territory of Belarus in Borovlyany and was read a funeral service in Minsk House of Writers on the Greek Catholic Church rituals.

Estate-museum of the legendary writer

The estate-museum, which is named after Vasil Bykov, was opened in honour of his eightieth birthday. However, the exposition wasn’t located in an authentic, historic building, wh ere Belarusian writer had spent his childhood. The house, due to disrepair, was completely demolished, and a new hut appeared on its place.

You can see our great writer’s precise replica of the house at the same place nowadays. Bykov's estate occupies a very modest and small area. However, in this case the historical accuracy is fully followed. The house is a museum, which presents the writer's items, as well as his family’s. They are not so much of them unfortunately: few stools, a furnace flap, handles, installed in the doorway, a poker and the icon of the Mother of God. But even the little that has been left for us in memory of the grand figure of the XX century allows you to feel implicated with the key historical events of the last century.

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