The Moravskys’ estate in the village of Zaushye

The Moravskys’ estate in the village of Zaushye


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Amazing in their beauty places are located in the western part of Minsk region. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the picturesque forest hills, admire the winding valleys and wide fields, and the water surface of the local rivers and lakes will not leave anyone indifferent! By the way, historical places here are full of architectural buildings as well. The Moravskys’ estate in the village of Zaushye has long been included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus, so periodically tourists from other countries come to admire the 18th century buildings.

The village of Zaushye has an interesting history of the name appearance, which is closely connected with the location. The village is located behind the Nesvizh, near the river Usha, and if you go away from the town, it turns out that you need to drive " beyond Usha". That's how local residents began to call the village Zaushe.

The estate was founded by the famous Major-General of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ignaty Moravsky. His wife is no less famous - the born Theophilia Radziwill, was the sister of the King Stanislaw Radziwill, "Pane Kokhanka," and became famous for taking part in the "militia" of the Radziwills along with men at one time.

Thus, in 1770, Ignaty and Theophilia ordered to build an estate near the Nesvizh in the town of Zaushe. Larch was the material for the house construction and two outbuildings (also called "ofitsina"). The house, located in the very centre of the whole estate, was called "red", and consisted of one floor and two floors in the middle. A portico and four columns of the Tuscan order decorated the two-storey building. From the house terrace you could go out to the park, which was originally very small in size.

The park represented two long lime alleys, located parallel to each other. Each alley started from both sides of the house. Benches were in the middle of the alleys, beautiful lilac bushes grew next to them. Each path was decorated at the end with small areas and tables for rest near the Usha river. The park lawns drew attention with unique varieties of plants, which both the hosts and the estate guests loved to look at.

In 1785, the estate was visited by Stanislaw Poniatowski, and in 1818 - Theophilia Moravskaya received the Emperor Alexander I in her estate. This historical information, although confirmed, but only strengthens the interest of tourists to the estate.

In the XVIII-XVII centuries the estate was extremely beautiful: the territory is equipped and convenient for walks in the morning and in the evening, a cool breeze blows from the river, and the local climate has a favorable effect on the body.

Now the main building is already in a collapsing state, although it almost completely survived after the Great Patriotic War. Despite this, the estate is still considered the embodiment of local culture, the undisputed historical heritage of the Belarusians. The park, of course, can only be seen on photographs of the XVIII-XX centuries, but nature and the preserved architecture can not but surprise even visitors from other regions of Belarus.



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