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The Estate of the Hreptovichis “Odrovonzh” in the Village Vishnyovo

The Estate of the Hreptovichis “Odrovonzh” in the Village Vishnyovo


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The village Vishnyovo is situated not far fr om Volozhin. Despite its small size and only 470 residents it is the true gem of the Minsk region. In the territory of Vishnyovo there are several really interesting sightings that attract people fr om all across Belarus. The Estate of the Hreptovichis of the XX century that has preserved its original appearance deserves special interest.

The premises of the Hreptovichis

The Hreptovichis magnate dynasty owned this location during the period of three centuries beginning with the XVI century. Apart fr om the estate that had the name of their coat of arms “Odrovonzh”, in the territory of Belarus there have survived other several estates of different construction years that were in possession of this glorious dynasty.

For a long time Vishnyovo was a well-developed industrial center. It is the place wh ere a blast furnace was first used in the territory of Belarus. Besides, with the efforts of the ruling dynasty there were established a metallurgical plant, a winery, a pottery, a cloth factory and water-mill.

The Hunting Lodge –Estate “Odrovonzh”

Apart from the well-developed industry Vishnyovo was known for its hunting grounds. That is why in the early XX century the Hreptovichis began to build a residence in Vishnyovo that was popularly called “the hunting palace”. The complex impressed with its territory – 50 hectares. The estate was surrounded with a moat that made it look like a medieval castle with a graff.

 Three access roads led to the hunting house. All entries were protected by gates near which there were hunting lodges. Almost nothing of that has survived, except a brahma that led to the front entrance of the estate.

In the center of the ensemble’s composition there was the palace itself. Yet it was called “the hunting lodge” this name does not suits the magnificent two-storey building, the gem of which was an observation roof. The house that has survived up to now was edged with trees.

The vast territory of the estate was occupied by a park wh ere about 70 thousand plants grow in the golden years! At the edge of the park a hothouse was located, besides, there was a crate wh ere hunting dogs were kept.

There is nothing left of that cared-for planting because during the Great Patriotic War the German regiment quartered in the territory of the Estate of the Hreptovichis and the house accommodated a headquarters. Upon a visit to the estate you can see a memorial tablet installed there in memory of that event. Today the park looks like a small forest.

After the war, up to the end of the 1990-s the estate was used as a children’s camp. Then it was closed, and since that the estate has stood empty gradually falling into a state of decay.


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