The Khodkevich family estate in the village of Bolshoe Mozheykovo

The village of Bolshoe Mozheykovo is located in Shchuchyn area. This settlement is known for that once there was an estate, which belonged to the Khodkevich family. Unfortunately, the estate house itself hasn’t preserved to our days. However, other various structures of that time left standing in their original locations.

Do you want to discover how our ancestors lived and what they did? Do you want to wander through the picturesque places and see the old buildings that recall more than one generation of owners? Be sure to go to Bolshoe Mozheykovo. It is here, in addition to the history, where we can learn how to grow herbs. In this area, people are engaged in useful plants collecting more than anywhere else in Belarus.

The preserved heritage

It is known that the building, where the Khodkevich family had lived, burned down in 1914. The estate itself was built in the late XVIII century. What has survived to the present day? Quite a few buildings, which are both interesting for local residents and visiting tourists, have been preserved to this day. Such structures as a brewery, a barn, a house for workers, as well as a lyamus are organized for tourist viewing. Only ruins have remained of the main gate, but they are of great interest for visitors. A park has also been preserved since the ancient times in the village of Bolshoe Mozheykovo. It is now open, and pleases everyone with all its beauty.

Surely, some of you will wonder, what is exactly a lyamus? Inhabitants of villages built lyamuses of clay in ancient times. It basically was premises of two floors, which were mostly intended for clothing, household supplies and other household items storage. It is known that people could even live in lyamuses in summer.

The Khodkevich family, like many other wealthy people of their time, had their own brewery on the estate territory, where excellent beer was prepared. Well, how can we not to recall the famous creameries, which our ancestors built? After all, they were almost in every estate. Then a lot of attention was paid to the quality of products, and so everyone was trying to produce their own food, which was not only natural, but very tasty and healthy too. The cheese dairy of the Khodkevich family hasn’t preserved. But numerous outbuildings have remained, which indicate that they were very thrifty people who lived due to their own farm, and appreciated the work of others as well.

If you walk a little through the village, you can see the preserved maids’ house. It looks very soundly. Judging by that building structure, the Khodkevich family treated those who worked for them with respect. The servants laboured in fairly comfortable conditions. Unfortunately, the fire did not keep the owners’ house itself. This is a great loss for the history and culture of Belarus. But, nevertheless, tourists eagerly come to Bolshoe Mozheykovo to admire the heritage and walk in the park to look at the herbs which grow here. You are welcome to this wonderful land!