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The Grabovsky family estate in the village of Dikushki

The Grabovsky family estate in the village of Dikushki


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A small village of Dikushki is located in a picturesque region of Lida area, a couple of tens kilometers from Lida. Despite the fact that the village occupies a small area and few people live here, there are attractions, which tourists come to admire from all over Belarus. These are Transfiguration Church and the Grabovsky family estate in Dikushki village. The dilapidated estate is of genuine interest for those who enjoy the history of their native land.

The estate in Dikushki village appeared on the area map back in the XVIII century, and all that it represents at the moment is a house in ruins, several outbuildings, a small barn. It is curious that Dikushki place had the name of Biikushki and was mentioned for the first time in 1506, associated with the name of Sigizmund. Later, Dikushki with locals was bought by Rafail Grabovsky – first a judge in Pruzhany, and then – the judge in Lida. In 1840, a stone church was built in Dikushki with Grabovsky’s funds and he opened a cozy tavern near the church. Rafail Grabovsky’s possessions after his death were inherited by son Stanislav without a spouse and children. After his death, many relatives of the Grabovsky kin showed up and divided the rich noble family’s heritage at once. And there was plenty to be shared, because the Grabovsky family owned many lands in three regions in ancient years: Lebed, Shchuchyn, Zheludok. These were various picturesque towns, from Martsinishki and Leschanki to Belevshchizny and Bogdzely.

In the 20s of the last century the Grabovsky family estate in the village of Dikushki passed into the possession of a lonely bachelor named Mineyko. Mineyko got a lot of notable buildings from the previous owners, beginning with barns and a forge, and ending with cowsheds and warehouses. The barn was built in the XIX century, and the original columns, decorating the house, were specially ordered from Vilno. Mineyko distributed the work among the locals in mornings, and paid in evenings. So the prosperous estate lived and functioned, until one day Mineyko left it forever.

In contrast to the surrounding buildings, the once beautiful estate house now stands in ruins, among which particularly the grandiose columns from Vilno stand out. The estate house stood empty for a long time, until in the Soviet period it was decided to revive it slightly, first establishing the local collective farm office in it, and then a rustic club with songs and dances at all. Gradually the estate house began to crumble, and now it is in a deplorable condition. But this sad fact does not stop tourists from visiting scenic places, those who prefer to wander through the picturesque Grabovsky family estate in the village of Dikushki so that to enjoy its bygone grandeur.


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