Bokhvits manor in the village of Pavlinovo

Bokhvits manor in the village of Pavlinovo

the village of Pavlinovo

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Bokhvits manor in the village of Pavlinovo is an outstanding architectural monument of Belarus. Even though it is now a ruin, the building looks very interesting (we wrote about it in an article about the most interesting abandoned estates of Belarus). In addition, the history of its occurrence is very interesting, and today VETLIVA will tell you more about it. 

The history of the Bokhvits dynasty and their family residence 

Until 1897, the Novitsky owned the estate. Then it was bought by Jan Otton Bokhvits — one of the most famous representatives of the dynasty, the writer Florian Bochwitz’s son.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the names of possessions of the gentry are not accidental. The estate in Pavlinovo is named after Jan’s mother Pavlina. He also had another estate in Flerjanovo the settlement was named after the father of the landowner.

Jan Bokhvits was a person with a bright temperament and an active lifestyle. He took part in the uprising of 1863-64, for that he got into a prison. After his release from Dinaburg fortress, he was actively engaged in the arrangement of his possessions. In the newly acquired Pavlinovo, in 1906 he organizes a luxurious estate. Typically, such large-scale projects were built over several years, but this estate, along with a distillery and a complex of other outbuildings, appeared there in just six months.

In 1915, the son of Jan Tadeusz — Otton becomes the owner of the estate. In 1930, the estate went to his grandson, Jan. The last owner of Pavlinovo was Florian Bokhvits, until 1939, when the Bokhvits had to leave these lands forever.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: not only the owners of the estate themselves loved the luxurious estate. Tadeusz’s sister Valery, who was the wife of Colonel of Russian troops Anthony Grinkevich-Mochulsky, often visited the manor. Bochwitz’s Manor in Pavlinovo also went down in history thanks to another famous person: in 1909 it was visited by famous Eliza Orzeszko. By the way, she came to the Bokhvits from the Reitans, from their estate, located in Grushevka.

In the forties of the last century, the military hospital was located in the manor building, which was abolished only in 1995. Since then, the estate has been abandoned and its further fate is unknown.

Description of Bokhvits manor in Pavlinovo

Both Soviet and post-Soviet times left their trace on the appearance of the architectural monument. Beautiful tiles were replaced by galvanized sheet, only one of the two towers had preserved, even the terrace had not preserved: now only places where beams were attached in the past remind of it. There was nothing left of the interior decoration since it was completely converted to fit the needs of the hospital. Only wooden doors of an interesting lancet form remind of past greatness.

But outwardly Bokhvits manor is amazing. It is built on a terrace above the Kocherishki River. The architectural style is neo-Gothic, which is why the building looks very unusual. The building itself has a rectangular shape, the central volume and the north wing are two-story. The highlight of the estate is the front facade with a risalit, on which the columns and turrets immediately catch your eye — as if it’s not a noble estate, but a miniature castle (in Belarus, by the way, there are a lot of them, and after reading our article, you will see this)! An interesting emphasis is placed on the windows: on the front door you will see one lancet and two round ones, on the northern facade — three Gothic windows, under which the usual rectangular windows are located.

In contrast to the north, the south wing is one-story. There the second turret disappeared.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: a chapel was located in the southern part of the estate, so the cross crowned the turret at past times.

Going on a trip to the Brest region, be sure to include Pavlinovo in your route. Although the wonderful estate looks abandoned, it’s definitely worth it to be captured in photographs. And if you don’t know where else you can take cool photos in Belarus, VETLIVA will be happy to share the secrets with you.


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