The Boguslavsky family estate in Gomel

The Boguslavsky family estate in Gomel


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The history of this attraction can be traced since 1849. Now the architectural and park complex is considered to be the historical attraction and protected by the state.

The housekeeping of the estate was diverse and extensive, it included both livestock farming, bee-keeping, horse breeding, and treatment of the production – all of it indicates usability, enterprising approach to money investment and value realization from the farm.

Among all of the numerous buildings of the farm of the Boguslavsky family, the following ones have preserved to the present:

  • a wine-making building (1849),
  • a stable with a riding-school,
  • the building of a kitchen and an ice cellar,
  • a cellar,
  • a house cellar for workers,
  • an outhouse.

The building of the stable with a riding-school is of great interest. The author of the project used the combination of various volumes and shapes, creating the spatial composition of the utility room. A rectangular part of the stable and the round one of the riding-school are seen on the old and modern plans.

The walls are plastered; the facades are evenly divided in the entire length with niches with window openings. The design of facades includes complex window framings, cornices. The edges are marked off with pilaster strips. The décor is laid with brick.

In 1920, a stud farm was located there. A special building of the stable is used as intended even nowadays. A hippodrome is located nearby. There is the only in the Republic riding house in modern outhouse to the old building. A horse-riding school functions, at which disposal are 80 horses. Several hundred people are taught riding on them annually. And each person who drops in here can try his hand at jokey-riding.

The construction of buildings was being held; say the least of it, during more than a hundred of years. But we should note the forethought of project architectural decisions in general. All of the preserved buildings are one-storied. The unplastered red brick usage in the most of the buildings refers to pseudo-Gothic style, but also includes the elements of the national architecture. Master brickwork is used for the outlining of arches and cornices. The projections of the facades are faceted and rounded in cross section, they remind of orders.

Curious tourists are amused with the wall thickness of almost all buildings. They are established for ages, and for all they serve.

The surrounding locality is very picturesque, not incidentally that park once was the decoration of the entire estate. And the whole housekeeping combined economy and aesthetics in a balanced manner: there were flowerbeds, lanes, ponds with bridges over them, and areas for strolling along with various outhouse buildings.

It seems that the former owners would have been happy to know that the fruits of their efforts haven’t been lost and function nowadays. The Rumyantsev family, the Paskevich family – these are the noble families, which bore warriors, creators, connoisseurs of the beauty, philanthropists to the world. All of these features found its reflection in the buildings of the estate as if in mirror.

And all of the mentioned things are interesting for us as a real evidence of the previous time, a trace of the historical figures and their achievements. And it is more pleasant to mention that we can see, touch and value all of it.

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, Gomel , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 315 km
, Gomel , Belarus
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