Farmstead "Bogudenki" in the village Porozovo

Farmstead "Bogudenki" in the village Porozovo


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The name of this Belarusian estate is covered with legends. The beauty of this amazing wooden buildings and unique park impress even the most experienced tourists. Isn’t it a reason to go to watch such incredible sights?

Defenitely! The estate is located at the address: Grodno region, Svisloch district, Porozovo Township. There is an estate of the old Butovt-Andreykovich family among the rich greenery. The estate “Bogudenki” was constructed in the late XIX – early XX centuries. It is a big wooden house of Zakopane style that has been preserved in its original form to our time. The house itself is a monument of folk architecture with elements of Baroque and Classicism. The structure has complicated elements. These are a high sloping roof, lateral facades with two-tier towers ending with tented roofs. The main facade has a faceted bay window with a sloped roof and a front porch with four pillars, on which the attic rests.

Interestingly, during the Soviet period, the citizens of Porozovo bought that building with the hope that there was the hospital. And so it happened. The Porozovo hospital was in the manor house until 2002. Now the building is empty, and investors have bought it to make a tourist center.

The name of the estate has long been the subject of many legends. So what does it mean “Bogudenki”? And why is it worth coming here?

There are two legends. One of them says that in ancient times when Adam and Eve were expelled fr om Paradise, they went onto the mountain wh ere now the house stands, and exclaimed: “Bogu dzenki! Porozovo is seen from here!” The second legend tells about one pan who stole a house from another pan. The thievish pan exclaimed: “Bogu dzenki!” This phrase can be translated from the Polish language as “Thank God!”

If you look at the house “Bogudenki” from the perspective of the bird’s flight, you will see how the ancient park has been preserved. You can see the magnificent lime walkway numbering 23 trees that are almost 200 years old. It is worth staying longer in the estate. Not only lime trees but also numerous cedars, oaks, maples, lilacs grow here. Along one walkway, you can go out of the park directly to a pond. Now it looks a bit overgrown; however, it is hoped that a new owner will restore its beauty.

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