The Adadurovs’ estate "Belaya Dacha"

The Adadurovs’ estate "Belaya Dacha"


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The Adadurovs’ estate named "Belaya Dacha" is located in the city of Minsk. Being located on a high hill, the estate history keeps many secrets and mysteries.

There are several versions of how this estate appeared. According to one of the most common versions, once the estate was owned by landowner Kurasov, who built a village called Kurasovshchina. Later it was included in Minsk and became one of the city districts. However, there is not a single written mention of this landlord in historical documents, so historians do not exclude that there are other versions about the estate origin.

According to another version, N. E. Adadurov built the estate. He was the head of the Lyubava-Roma railway at that time. The estate then was called "Adadurov's Zastenok".

One more version says, "Belaya Dacha" was built thanks to M. Rogov, who was a candidate of natural sciences. According to the real estate inventory held in Minsk in 1910, the site where the estate is now located, belonged to Valentina Molodetskaya.

During the Russo-Japanese War, a hospital was located in the estate. According to historians, this sector of land was bought by M. Rogov after a while. On the purchased land in 1913 Rogov built one-story stone building, which has survived even to the present day.

There are no historical facts of what happened to the estate further.

During the Great Patriotic War this estate was a residence, where the BSSR leadership representatives liked to rest. However, here again the opinions of historians diverge. There is another version, that an experimental base "Kurasovschina" was located in the constructed building at that time.

According to unconfirmed historical information, there is a version, that during the Great Patriotic War the German headquarters was located in the estate.

Records in historical documents show, that it was this estate, where famous Belarusian artist V. K. Belynitsky-Birulya lived and created during a short period of 1947. It was here, where he wrote several dozens of sketches, which were later used as the basis for a series of paintings dedicated to Belarus.

In the post-war period, the Institute of Agrochemistry and Soil Science was located in Belaya Dacha. Then the building was given to a kindergarten. From 1979 to 1980 the restoration works were being carried out in the estate.

Since 1990, the centre of Belarusian folklore was located in this building. The estate fate has not been resolved to the present day. Now events dedicated to public holidays are held on the estate territory.

It still hides the spirit of Belarusian way of life, which draws the attention of tourists from different countries, gives an opportunity to learn about the activities of the greatest Belarusian figures.

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