In the territory of Vitebsk region, there is unique for Belarus Berezinsky water system, built in the late XVIII century; it is part of the same name Biosphere Reserve. This place is a standard, untouched by time and civilization. The Postrezhye natural boundary is located in the center of the reserve. Why is it so remarkable? Local foresters tell many secrets and legends about this place. A long time ago, bears chose this place for living. It is not known, whether it is true or not, but many tourists from all over the country come with tents to rest and breath in fresh air.

Not long ago, Postrezhye was considered a small village with a small store and forestry. Almost all the local people were involved in the environmental establishment. Disabled people, such as seniors, were engaged in beekeeping, housekeeping and looking after their grandchildren. Each house had its own garden, which, created a unique fairy-tale atmosphere in the village when blooming in spring.

Long ago, not very rich man lived on these lands who had only a few servants and modest home. The man had no equipment, only a mower, harvester, and rakes. His small wooden estate was located on the outskirts. Soil, by the way, was not fertile. Therefore, after the Stolypin reforms, he decided to lease the land. Thus, over time, the estate began to grow; new farms and villages appeared there.

War, the Polish invasion, revolutionary events could not but affect the place and locals. As a result of all these events, the village was ravaged and burnt down. The man mentioned above escaped with his family. Only a few residents could survive these events and stayed there.

During the collectivization, the Bolsheviks divided the land. However, kolkhoz workers’ salaries were very small, so mushrooms, berries, game and fish saved them - all that could be picked in the woods and caught in the river without any restrictions. During World War II, inhabitants could hide in the woods of Postrezhye. However, newly built houses were mercilessly burned by the Nazi aggressors.

Nowadays, Postrezhye is a real paradise, surrounded by woods, marshes. Like a century ago, every house has a garden and lilac bushes. The air is filled with the smell of freshly cut grass, lime trees, pine needles, wild flowers ...

It is worth noting that the story about bears is true in some way. The abundance of apples and berries in the woods attracts deer, elks, wild boars and even bears. Postrezhye is quite small, however, due to its small population, it attracts tourists who want to escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature.