Zybitskaya street in Minsk

In every major city there is always a street that is quiet during the day and filled with the aroma of coffee, and at night with the sounds of music and the clink of glasses. In St. Petersburg, Dumskaya can boast of this status, and in Berlin, the whole Kreuzberg district comes to life in bright colors towards evening. Minsk was no exception and acquired its bar street, which the locals affectionately dubbed Zyba. What makes Zybitskaya Street so special? Let's go in order.

Zybitskaya on the map of Minsk: past

Before its “bar” popularity, Zybitskaya was known as a shopping avenue and even bore a similar name until 2010. Located in the Upper Town in the historical district of Minsk, in the 17th century Zybitskaya Street was the backyard of the Bernardine Monastery and there were outbuildings.

By the 19th century, the old and unreliable wooden houses were replaced by stone one- and two-story buildings. Then, on the site of the current bars, trading shops and barbers were set up here. By the end of the 60s of the last century, the even side of the street turned into a lifeless wasteland with the remains of former buildings, and only by the beginning of the 10s of our time Zybitskaya was transformed into what we now know as the most party place in Minsk.

Bars on Zybitskaya: Minsk day and night

From theory to practice: what special institutions can now be found on Zybitskaya? There are a lot of options: from coffee shops and restaurants to authentic hookahs in the loft style. Let's start with the first:

  • Italian Belvedere cafe with its spacious and bright room offers fried Camembert cheese and beef tagliata,

  • The Zhuravinka restaurant serves European cuisine and invites guests of the stars of the former Soviet Union to entertain guests,

  • CoffeeBerry coffee shop energizes visitors with signature coffee and desserts,

  • DEPO cafe feeds pancakes and a cozy atmosphere throughout the day,

  • Restobar Buffet is waiting for lovers of hot business lunches and good wine.

By the way, on Zybitskaya you can try something with a national touch, like the same potato pancakes, jour or nalistniki. Interested in deciphering the cultural code through the stomach? Embark on a full gastrotour!

Don Coffee’on, a cafe with Italian cuisine, snow-white tablecloths and waiters in a classic European uniform, can be called the “transitional” establishment on Zybitskaya Street. However, right under it, the Tumany bar was conveniently arranged by the same owners, and the night life of Zybitskaya Street starts here: DJs with their vinyls perform at night in the bar, and cocktails are pouring.

From here we smoothly move on to alcohol-oriented institutions:

  • the Cherdak bar is the oldest restaurant on Zybitskaya Street, famous for its unusual interior (this is really the attic), good music, juicy burgers and “clean” cocktails,

  • Hookah "DIY Bar" - the heart and soul of the sweet aromas of a variety of tobacco and syrups for drinks,

  • “Banks-Bottles” bar - an institution with seasonal drinks, in which you can drink cocktails with cranberries in winter and sip strawberry shake through a straw in summer,

  • El Plushka Bar - a Latin American bomb for lovers of rum, tequila and fiery music from Cuba and Venezuela,

  • Barshop Beercup store-bar - greetings to all lovers of craft beer, which has already accumulated as many as 120 items,

  • Insomnia bar - a place for creative people who want relative silence, hot mulled wine, a book and a plaid,

  • “4-4-2” bar - a bar whose name speaks for itself: fans of sports matches gather here for a glass of beer,

  • gin-bar “Mad Rabbit” - a kind of tribute to fairy tales and epics, only in an adult way and with an admixture of something strong,

  • tiki bar "On the beach" - a tropical extravaganza in the interior, music and drinks.

Oh, of course, this is an incomplete list of institutions on Zybitskaya Street: listing them is not only difficult, but also inexcusable in relation to this place. Here you have to try everything and visit yourself, choose your favorite bars and enjoy the best alcohol.

On Zybitskaya street in Minsk, the atmosphere of such a hostel in the best sense of the word is pronounced. Football fans live next door to fastidious gourmets, delicate and sophisticated natures read books with powerful guitars from the next room, and lovers of early lifts and breakfasts in the evenings hang out with skilled sommeliers from the beer world.

Zybitskaya street is considered to be a real attraction of Minsk, which looks like a mixture of all the good old and good new. See for yourself by visiting the entire top attractions of the city and exploring it far and wide!

Source:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Zybickaja_Street