Suvorov Street in Vitebsk

Suvorov Street in Vitebsk


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In every Belarusian city and town, despite the size and date of formation, you can find unique historical buildings, houses, estates or even entire streets. In Vitebsk, you may become a resident of the XVIII century and you don’t have to visit museums and exhibitions. You just need to walk along one of the oldest and familiar Suvorov street.

Almost all buildings in this street date from the XVIII-XIX centuries. These buildings survived during difficult times. There is special, mysterious, and pleasant atmosphere.

Promenades in Vitebsk, by the way, can last a long period of time since every street, every alley shows new Vitebsk - historical and not similar to other cities of Belarus. Imagine that Vitebsk is a book and while you reading every page becomes more interesting than a previous one.

Residents of Vitebsk call Suvorov street a heart and soul of this city. Guests describe it as a cozy, light and harmonious street. And it's hard to object. Every time walking here, you experience new emotions and feelings. This street is considered one of the most beautiful, oldest, and popular in Vitebsk. Historical records indicate that the street appeared at the beginning of the XV century and at that time was called Uzgorskaya.

Three centuries later after its appearance, the street was renamed, only in 1900 it was called in honor of the great general A.V. Suvorov. In the XIX century, a religious school for men, church, town hall, synagogue, post office, and telegraph appeared there. All these buildings made the street very popular and frequently visited.

The October Revolution led to another renaming of the street – it became Volodarskaya. Later, other buildings appeared in this street, which are considered local landmarks - Art School and metal product factory.

Unlike many other Belarusian avenues, this part of the Vitebsk did not suffer from the events of the Great Patriotic War. Fortunately, a few buildings were slightly destroyed. Over time, modern five-story buildings were built there. Therefore, Suvorov street is popular among local people and included in all sight-seeing tours in Vitebsk.

You will find unique buildings, preserved since the XVIII century. For instance, the Town Hall and the house number 2 are interesting. In the XVIII century, this area was used for trade. Nowadays, almost all historical buildings are used as restaurants, cafes. Therefore, every house is filled with a unique atmosphere. Every building has a mysterious and rich history, not comparable with any other Belarusian building.

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
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, Vitebsk , Belarus
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