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The Temple of All Saints in Lida

The Temple of All Saints in Lida


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The wonderful town of Lida is situated on the vast expanses of Grodno region and its history dates back to the far XIV century when that luxury picturesque area on the bank of the Lideyka River was chosen by famous Duke Gedimin who built a magnificent castle there. That structure became a major impetus for the growth of numerous settlements in Lida district. The castle still adorns the ancient town and is rightly considered to be its landmark, thanks to which amazing Lida is well-known and loved. According to some legends, the name of the town was chosen by the Balts in times gone by, and it can be translated from their language rather prosaically as “field ploughed felling of trees”. It is believed that the Balts were the first who settled in that territory in the XII century. However, the official version differs from the Baltic origin of the town.

The majestic castle was charged with many defensive functions in the old days. Then, the rich lands suffered much from hostile powerful states, ranging from the Tatar and the Teutonic invasions and to the attacks of the Moscow troops and the Swedish army that considered it to be a great honor to capture the inaccessible Lida Castle. Apart from the castle, there is much interesting and curious for a visiting traveler in the picturesque town. There are attractions that over years have survived up to now. And there are recently built sights but having cultural value and pleasing those who once see it. The latter include the Temple of All Saints that was built and consecrated in 2006.

The majestic and monumental temple stands out from the urban architecture thanks to shining gold domes, and is perfectly seen from many parts of the settlement. Any tourist that has a little time to see local attractions is sure to come to the wonderful temple in the central part of the town, initially never knowing about the existence of the wonderful treasure. It is noteworthy that Lida Orthodox temple was made of white brick in the form of a cross. The residents of Lida remember how long it took to construct the majestic temple. The construction lasted for sixteen years, and the large-scale construction was planned as early as in 1990. The upper temple in honor of All Saints was consecrated in 2006, and the lower cryptic temple in honor of St. Panteleimon a little earlier. The magnificent gilded decoration of the Lida temple truly impresses.

There some of the most revered Orthodox icons in the Temple of All Saints. They attract numerous pilgrims from different locations of Belarus to worship and pray. This is the icon of All the Saints that any believer no matter where he was baptized has to worship to. Another shrine is the miraculous icon of Matrona healing from diseases. St. Matron of Moscow, blind from her birth and having a wonderful God-given gift of healing, was buried in the Russian capital, and her tomb is considered one of the holiest.

The Temple of All Saints in Lida opens doors to all parishioners who wish to pray and touch the miraculous icons as well as to be alone with God.


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, Lida , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 250 km
, Lida , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 211 km

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