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The Church of All Saints in the urban village of Begoml

The Church of All Saints in the urban village of Begoml


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One of the unique and original sights, which Vitebsk region is full of, is located in Begoml, a small village in Dokshitsy district, Vitebsk region. This church, which bears the name of All Saints and is an architectural monument, was built in a retrospective architectural style. You can easily look at the architectural masterpiece: drive on M3 road, and after 100 kilometers to the north of the capital of Belarus, 157 – to the south of Vitebsk and just 30 kilometers fr om the district centre - Dokshitsy - you will find Begoml.

The fate of any historical monument is always inextricably connected with the place wh ere it is located, and because of that it would be useful to talk about the place of Begoml. 

Historical reference 

Begoml is quite an ancient settlement, which was first mentioned in chronicles as early as in 1582. It was a part of Minsk powiat in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and belonged to Vilno Catholic episcopate. Then Begoml was in Michal Keyzgalovich’s personal possession.

Since 1793 Begoml was a part of the Russian Empire. It belonged to the Count Manuzi, then to the landowner Bulgak. The town was growing, and in 1938 it already received an urban-type settlement status.

Begoml distinguished itself during the Great Patriotic War: such an active partisan movement (as much as 9 squads!) was deployed there, that it had actually liberated the area long before the Red Army arrived. A partisan airfield functioned there productively, which became the book plot basic by Vladimir Kazakov "Scrambles in the air". 29 June, 2009 the urban village’s merits were noted by the presidential decree, and Begoml received an honorary pennant "For Courage and perseverance during the Great Patriotic War."

An amazing shrine

The appearance of the main village’s attraction dates back to the second half of the XIX century. It was not the first church on the site: up to 1886, from which the existence of the church begins, there was a Uniate church.

The Church of All Saints in Begoml was erected in retrospective Russian style. For a long time this building was considered one of the most beautiful existing in Vitebsk region. Just imagine how the seven golden domes shone in the sun! In addition, the church had already surprised with massiveness and strength of the walls, which thickness was a meter.

Architectural monument prosperity hadn’t last long. With the advent of the atheist Soviet authority to Dokshitsy land, the church repeatedly suffered from their actions. The church’s property was looted, iconostasis was broken down and belfry demolished altogether ... It had ceased to exist as a functioning temple by that time.

Nothing changed after the war as well, when a distillery was established within the holy place’s walls. Only in 1991 historical justice was restored and the temple was returned to believers. 15 years after services were carried out, until in 2006, when the Church of All Saints was closed because of dilapidation.

Now the once beautiful building is a woeful spectacle: there is no back wall and no roof. Though the object is recognized a historical and cultural value, there is no even a hint that the reconstruction will ever be held. That is why you ought to visit Begoml as the beautiful shrine still stands here, keeping in its dilapidated walls the heritage of centuries.


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