The Ascension Church in Stolin

The Ascension Church in Stolin


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The Ascension Church in Stolin, Brest region

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In 1938, a wooden church was built in honour of the Ascension of Our Lord. During the Great Patriotic War, the Germans created an equipped observation post in the Orthodox shrine of Stolin. However, the Red Army did not harm the church.

The Ascension church is located in the town of Stolin on Gorynskaya street. It is popular among residents. In fact, it is a centre of Orthodox culture in the district. The town of Stolin is included in many tourist routes.

The church itself is four-piered. Wooden columns are beautifully carved and the church itself is decorated with wall murals of biblical scenes. Above the main room, there is an octagon with windows, supported by round pillars and covered by a tent. A refectory and antechurch are connected with each other. Back rooms with arches form the entrance to the refectory. A three-tiered tent bell tower takes a special place. It can be said that it dominates in the entire composition of the church. Windows are rectangular and semicircular at the top. Open galleries or choirs, where musicians work, are located above the refectory in the Ascension church.

The Ascension church combines characteristics of Belarusian and Russian wooden architecture.  Talking about the style, most researchers refer it to eclecticism. This style is also called "romanticism". Sometimes, eclecticism is also called "historicism", which combines styles of different times: neo-Gothic, neo-baroque, neo-romanticism.


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