The Church of the Resurrection, the town of Pinsk (Brest region)

Two eras, two periods

The history of the Church started in 1667, when the Church of the Dominicans appeared on this very spot, and today it is the center of the town. Its owner became the Orthodox Church In the course of time and the church was renamed to the Cathedral Church of Saint Theodore of Tyrone after a small reconstruction in 1857.  Of course, the World War II left its mark on the appearance of the building: it was significantly destroyed, but still survived. The second period of the “life” of the Cathedral started in the 50-ies of the 20th century when it was fully destroyed.

Explosion, debris, cleaning of the territory and the life started with a clean slate, but now in the form of a cinema, which remember almost all Pinskers over thirty-five. The building was, as they call it, typical, Stalinist. For example, the youth theatre has the same appearance in Minsk. The Archbishop of Pinsk and Polesye Alexander lived in his house near “Friendship”, nearby there were the buildings of the monastery and the Consistory.

1994 is a date when all these buildings were handed over to the Orthodox Church on unknown reasons. It just happened that a room for prayers appeared in the former cinema auditorium, a passageway was made instead the screen, golden domes were closer to the room of a projectionist, religious books and candles were sold in “the ticket offices”, and only the floor of the Soviet model remained unchanged. In spite of such a hotchpotch, the atmosphere of a holy place is quite harmonious, favourable for a prayer and solitude. And even the signs of the former cinema do not disturb the feelings of infinity, reverence and involvement in the Shrine. Vice versa, you can feel here the connection of eras and generations.  


The original design of the tourist facility


Nowadays Pinsk-Luninets Orthodox diocese is in the center of Pinsk, where there was a Consistory before it. An amazing altar stands conspicuously in the domestic church. There is the building of the Convent of St. Barbara nearby. The Church of the Resurrection was consecrated in 1995. Its dean is the Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets Stefan. It is the main church of Orthodox Christians in the town; ringing of the church bells disturbs Pinskers on holidays and weekends filling their souls with light and happiness. The architecture of the Church is also pleasing to the eye for square towers, overhead facades and a large central dome. The roofs of the Cathedral are hipped; the windows and cornices are lancet.  

Painting of the dome was completed inside the Church in 2010 on the Eve of Christmas. There is the Vernicle Image of the Saviour in the center of the composition and there are twelve apostles around it. The iconostasis and icons were renovated. Of course, the bookstore, Sunday school and clubs on interests do not stop working in the main temple of the town on weekdays and holiday. Townspeople with pleasure turn to the priests to conduct wedding and baptism ceremonies, parishioners take Holy Communion and offer up their prayers to God. The old-timers say that this place is sacred so that here a high probability that your prayers will be heard.  

The Church of the Resurrection attracts tourists with its original architecture combining the features of modern urban and classical styles. It is interesting to see how the building of the former entertainment establishment has become a Prayer House.