Trinity Church in Mir

One of the most interesting sights of the town of Mir

Looking through a guide to Belarus, you probably pay attention to top ten sights. The Mir Castle is one of them. However, in addition to the castle, there is another interesting sight in the urban-type settlement of Mir. It’s Holy Trinity Church.

The history of the Trinity church in Mir

It is known that this church was constructed in 1533-1550. The building resembles a cross. At that time, it was the Orthodox Church, but soon it became Uniate. Only in 1839, it returned to Orthodox believers. It is also known that Trinity Church suffered during the fire, which occurred in Mir in 1865. The church was restored in 1875. It was consecrated at the same time. The church has preserved to present days.

The sight of the town of Mir nowadays

Trinity Church is located near the Mir Castle. While visiting the castle, so many tour groups do not miss the opportunity to have a look at this church as well. An interesting fact is that there was an icon of the Mother of God of the XVI century in Trinity Church until 1925.

Nowadays, worship services take place at the church during holidays. Everyone is welcome to visit the church, pray and spend some time here. The church has four rooms: a prayer room, a vestibule – a belfry, a refectory, and an apse with a sacristy. You will certainly be surprised by the silence that reigns here.

The tourist routes and excursions to teh town of Mir

We hope you will find a lot of interesting in Mir and, in the guide book, you will find only helpful information about what to see and where to go. After all, thousands of roads and hundreds of interesting sights await you ahead. They are full of new, mysterious and unknown. The urban settlement of Mir is the main route of many travelers who come to Belarus.

The Mir Castle is a place where people come not only to see it but also to attend various concerts and events. The best way to see it is to book one of our bus excursions. VETLIVA invites to join the most optimum and interesting tourist routes which allow to see as much as possible sights of Belarus

Mir and the city of Nesvizh, and also their fine monuments of culture and architecture you will see city settlement, having joined our excursion rounds:

The castle and is not less fine in the winter for this reason New Year's excursion rounds across Belarus use huge popularity. You can glance in this majestic construction to make a photo for memory or to buy memorable souvenirs. And, can, both that, and another.

It is highly recommended to visit Trinity Church in Mir. Here you will find a special atmosphere of solitude that reigns in all the churches. It is a good place to relax and calm down, feel an energy surge for new discoveries on your tourist path.

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