The Trinity Church in the village of Kozishche

The Trinity Church in the village of Kozishche


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A small village Kozishche, known since the XVI century is located twenty kilometers away fr om the station Kobrin, in Brest region. The population size is no more that 40 people here, the majority of it are the elderly people. You will not find any entertainment or unique historical sights, but there is the Trinity Church, which holds a special place in the hearts of each local resident in Kozishche village.

It is impossible not to notice the Orthodox wooden churchlet against the background of the residential buildings in Kozishche. It is a simple high construction, built upon the typical project. The walls ot the Trinity Church are painted blue, there is a simple-shaped carving in some sites, and there is an icon over the main entrance. The Church has its own small improved territory, fenced with high shade trees and a fence of red brick with a white cross picture.

The history of the Trinity Church in Kozishche had begun in 1805. More that 70 years it was a Uniate church (altar in the north), i.e. both Orthodox and Catholic church since its origin day. In 1879 a new building for the Trinity Church was constructed, initiated by the priest Lev Krechetov. Along with the new building the status of the Church was changed – Orthodox instead of Uniate. The Church in Kozishche was greatly damaged in 1914. It had been burnt down by the Russian imperial Cossacks and was standing half-destroyed for more that ten years. During the war period persecutions of the church priors began, priests Ioann Kreydich and Georgi Dembitski were killed. The last church prior was killed in the Trinity Church’s building for the non-compliance with the order to stop the service. After that the church was used as a barn and a storehouse for other food stocks. It had waited for the right moment for a long time and in 1989 Vitali Novosad, who sanctured the sacred building, became a prior of the Church. The opening of Trinity Church made all the local residents happy, who didn’t concealed the tears of joy.

Today the Church’s building has been reconstructed on the initiative of the contemporary priest Aleksey Kurishko, the services are held regularly. In general the parishioners’ number isn’t more than 7-8 people on divine services days, but more than a hundred years there were around 2000 believers, who regularly visited The Trinity Church in Kozishche.

There is one more interesting place in the village of Kozishche, which attracts travellers from all over Belarus. It is Ostrich ranch, wh ere you can look at real black African ostriches, which run funny one after another, dance and fluff out their feathers. You will be offered a 40-minute tour along the Ostriches’ farm. The price is 3,5 BYN for children and 5 BYN for adults. On New Year’s holidays some entertainment programmes work, comprising the excursion along the farm, games, contests and presents, decorated Christmas tree in winter forest. You would be able to purchase hand-made New Year’s gifts made of ostrich hide, feathers and shell in the Ostrich ranch in Kozishche, and also to taste delicious dishes of ostrich meat.


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