Saint Peter and Paul’s Church in Minsk

The capital of Belarus – the city of Minsk – is famous for a great number of sights, various park zones, architectural buildings and many other things. Among all the legacy of Minsk, Saint Peter and Paul’s Church is worth special attention. This church was erected back in 1613 at Christian community’s suit on believers’ alms.

The history of the creation of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk

A verger Paul Domzhava was the head of the building activities. A monastery was also created under the church. A great number of hermits as well as the majority of the believers living in Minsk were under a constant pressure on Catholic and Jewish religions representatives’ side, who existed in much more quantity in those far-off times there. That is why there were only five Christian hermits in the church by 1787.

The temple was completely restored after the Second Partition of Poland and inclusion of Minsk into the Russian Empire. Catherine II herself delivered funds on the restoration. As a result of it the temple was called “Catherine” and it served as Minsk Cathedral for a long time. In 1797, a newly-made Russian emperor Paul I was on service at this shrine.

In 1871-1875, the temple was under a total reconstruction because of the construction decay. The building was renewed from the foundation to the roof.

One of the main temples of Minsk in Soviet times

The church as many other buildings alike was closed and turned into a store building after the end of the October Revolution, when the Soviets came to power. Huge barrels with fish were kept in the temple. And only at the beginning of the Second World War divine services were revived again, however practically no one attended them, as a Jewish ghetto was located fast beside.

At the end of the war, the church was closed again and atheistic Soviet power convicted the priests. They were assigned quite long terms of imprisonment, and the church’s building was turned into a personal State archive. In 1972-1977, the temple underwent the reconstruction again.

In 1990, this temple was given to believers again. And in late 1991, the first for 46 years divine sevice was held at Saint Peter and Paul’s Church. In 1993, the icons of Antony, John and Eustace were granted to that sacred house. In 1997, a cross covered with gilding was placed above the altar. Similar gilding crosses were placed on the towers of the shrine. At the same time, eight bells were set up on the belfry, and it was crowned with the 9th main bell in 2001.

Visit St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral during the tour 

Saint Peter and Paul’s Church in Minsk is included in a great number of pilgrimage and excursion tours of the Republic of Belarus. A huge number of travellers come here to touch the sacred icons. 

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