Saints Peter and Paul Church in Korelichi

Saints Peter and Paul Church in Korelichi


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If you happen to visit the urban-type settlement of Korelichi, you may want to return to Grodno area to admire its beauty again. Saints Peter and Paul Сhurch is the only attraction of Korelichi. But what a church! Are you ready to explore it?

By the decision of tsar

It is known that the church appeared in Korelichi in 1866. The tsar allocated money for the construction of Saints Peter and Paul church. It was important for parishioners – it was an opportunity to go to church where they lived. Time passed but the Church of Saints Peter and Paul still brings joy to both local people and many tourists.

A cross-shaped building

The church was built of brick. It resembles a cross. Already in 1882, the central dome was added to the building. Time spared that church. The church was not destroyed during revolutionary years and the Great Patriotic War. Moreover, even anti-religious times did not destroy the church. On the contrary, the church was reconstructed from 1972 to 1988. Thus, a roof and windows were replaced. The dome and walls of the church in Korelichi were restored as well.

In the XX century, the iconostasis inside Saints Peter and Paul Church was restored.

A white-stone church

The church is still functioning and is considered a symbol of the Orthodox faith in Korelichi. The white stone walls of the church create a unique atmosphere of peace and quiet. People go to church during holidays and on weekdays as well. During excursions, you can enter the church to look at its decorations.

You can be in the church so long as you wish. It is always interesting to see everything with your own eyes. Of course, you will be satisfied with this trip. You will like the church itself, and the Belarusian nature.

A trip to Korelichi

Visiting the church is part of your plans? If the answer is positive, you should travel to Korelichi in order to get new experiences then share them with your friends and acquaintances. No doubt, Saints Peter and Paul Church will surprise you. The beauty of Belarusian places will not leave you indifferent. You will be surprised by what you see and remember such an interesting trip for a long time.


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