Saint Peter and Paul’s Church in Zhukovka

Saint Peter and Paul’s Church in Zhukovka


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Early summer in Zhukovka

Saint Peter and Paul’s Church was restored in the village of Zukovka in 1993. It happened only due to the initiative of the local residents. The church was created by the believers themselves in watershed of history: in the wild 90’s, when the paramount goal was to survive.  And moreover the locals asked to restore the wooden church. As the time put such a condition, so the people decided to find in God salvation.

The stone at the entrance

And so today people turn to God with requests, they become believers deliberately. In view of this a lot of piligrimage tours are organized in Belarus.

Someone may say: there are lots of such temples in Belarus. But the Church in Zhukovka is not just a place of interest, but an operating place for the believers. A huge stone lies in front of the church’s entrance. There is a date on it – 1884. Probably, this is a year of the church’s erection, but there left not a one of the authentic documents about the history of the church.

Saint Peter and Paul

The icon of Saint Peter and Paul hangs above the entrance to the church. The belivers celebrate Saint’s patron day on 29th of June. This is one of the greatest Orthodox feasts. Long time ago, our ancestors danced in a round, sang songs and were swinging on that day. And even today this feast is highly revered. The Saint Peter and Paul feast is a day of the high summer. 

Are you planning a trip on this day? There is no such place as Zhukovka, with Belarusian calm and eye-pleasing scenes, where you can feel the summer arrival. Maybe you would be lucky with the weather. And if not, don’t be upset. Because you are to get acquainted with the Saint Peter and Paul’s Church. The small church’s construction is made of green colour and as if it merges with the nature, surrounding it. Here reigns silence, tranquillity and specific pacification.

Excursion to Zhukovka

The visit to Zhukovka and to its main attractions – St. Peter and Paul’s Church, which is usually a part of the excursion, including the villages of Buda, Karpilovka, Khoruzhentsy and Okopy. Various sights visiting is coming. And undoubtedly, Saint Peter and Paul’s Church surely touchs your feelings. This tiny piece of sanctity, which is available for all believers, can become a real revelation. As it is with this small village where the route starts. But if you travel by yourself, then you can arrange your route easily. The visit to Zhukovka can become a pleasant opportunity to rest fr om the capital fuss for individual travellers. As the village Zhukovka is 34 km away fr om Minsk.

You’ve got a great chance to leave for a quit place, wh ere there is a small but cosy church, wh ere you can pray in silence and ask God for a good journey. You will find peace and silence, which will help you to relax the mind, to slow down and to feel a surge of energy. As the clean air, wonderful nature and church smell of frankincense have a wholesome effect and help to forget  just for a little while about the fuss of the urban life.

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