Saints Peter and Paul Church in Venzovets

Saints Peter and Paul Church in Venzovets


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Tall trees, wooden houses, picturesque green meadows, beautiful coniferous forests, a small lake... What could be better than outdoor recreation? Inhabitants of towns and cities prefer this type of recreation. Tourists from other countries also prefer travelling to agro-towns and small Belarusian villages.

By the way, you will find all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay in many of them – you may also take part in excursions. An agro-town of Venzovets is one of such places, located in Grodno region. This place is rich in significant historical events. Saints Peter and Paul Church has adorned the main street of the village for many centuries.

The first mention of Venzovets dates back to the second half of the XV century. Since the XVI century, Duke Fyodor Zaslavsky owned those lands. Later, Iyeronim Senyavsky became its owner – he obtained the village after he married the daughter of Zaslavsky. At that time, Venzovets was very small.

Already in the XVII century, Venzovets was actively developing at the expense of the then owners – Dukes Sapegas and Polubinskies. At that time, the Catholic church was built there, which kept the wonder-working icon of the Mother of God for a long time. Local people believed that it had healing powers. Later, Venzovets belonged to the powerful and rich Belarusian dynasty of Radzivills. By the end of the XVIII century, there were 53 yards, tavern and several mills in Venzovets.

After the third division of the Rzeczpospolita in 1795, Venzovets was part of the Russian Empire. That event had an impact on the development of the village: the number of the yards increased, Saints Peter and Paul Church, school were built and fairs took place there. In the early 1920s, Venzovets became part of Poland; it lasted until 1939. However, the history of Venzovets had a sad and tragic page: almost all the local Jews were killed during World War II.

Since the XIX century, a unique building has been preserved in Venzovets – St. Peter and Paul Church, which is a pearl of Grodno region. It was built in 1872 and belongs to the Pseudo-Russian movement of architecture. There was an old wooden church, which, like many other Belarusian churches, was completely destroyed during the fire. A new church was built of brick and rubble stone.

Today, the Orthodox church is cube-shaped, features a semi-circular apse and a three-tiered bell tower. It is five-domed and has a hipped roof. The facade is decorated with elements of ancient Russian church architecture. Once seeing this Orthodox church, you will want to comeback in order to see this bright example of the ancient Orthodox architecture again.


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