Minsk region, Saint Peter and Paul Church in Sennitsa

Minsk region, Saint Peter and Paul Church in Sennitsa


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The village of Sennitsa is located in the south fr om the capital of the Republic of Belarus. It is proud of its historical heritage as many other townships. It was formed at the beginning of the XVI century, and its name came from a hay structure “sennitsa”.

Since 1567 the owner of those lands had been a gentleman Dragovich, and in 1582 that small village was bought out by S.I. Dostoevsky. It is known due to the fact, that Saint Peter and Paul Church has been here up to the present days. It is necessary to mention that the spiritual history of this small village undoubtedly reflects the history of Belarus, as the believers- village’s residents having been orthodox, became uniats by the XVIII century.

The first shrine, built on these lands, was also a uniate one. The initiator of its building was Pavlovsky in 1789, and it was named Saint Peter and Paul Church.

In 1839 the Belarusians returned to Orthodoxy. And by 1840 three more churches had been ascribed to the church as soon as it became orthodox. In 1852 a strong necessity to repair thoroughly a considerably decayed shrine appeared. But still, it turned out that to erect a stone church was more profitable, than to restore a wooden building. A new temple was sanctified in honor of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul.

The iconostasis is of three-level in the shrine, the total area of the temple is 195 m. It’s necessary to point that in 1866 a national special school functioned at this shrine, wh ere since 1889 to 1890 yet unknown Yanka Kupala has studied there.

In 1934 the shrine was to be closed. A kolkhoz club was opened at the temple’s building after that, and directly before the Great Patriotic War it served as a crops storehouse.

After 8 years the parish restored its church activity, rubbish was taken away from the temple and church service was started to hold.

On 19 May 1962 the administration of the Sennitsa music school applied to the village council for a pass of this shrine. Thus, the music school was arranged within the walls of the church. The temple had never been repaired and it started to destroy little by little. Wooden mechanisms of the dome and hipped roofs of the belfry were made worthlessness, and the shrine itself was a sorry sight.

In July 1989 the application was submitted to Minsk metropolitan to support St. Apostles Peter and Paul Church revival. So a global church restoration started. The roof was entirely replaced, a new dome was erected, which crowned the light drum and the top, the belfry was rebuilt under the narthex, a newly-made iconostasis was set up. The church’s territory was fenced again. The roof was covered with tin, and 8 bells were set on the belfry.

On completing of the works St. Apostles Peter and Paul Church in Sennitsa has become a true decoration of this village. Under the shrine a Sunday-school functions, designed for 25 people, services are held both on weekends and on holidays in this church.

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