The Temple of St Apostles Peter and Paul in Prozoroki

In the village Prozoroki that is situated in the Glubokoe district of the Vitebsk region there is a church and a temple. Prozoroki is only 50 km from Polotsk. Upon a visit to the famous Belarusian town do not forget to go to the less famous but equally important for the culture of our country place.

The temple and the church

If you decide to visit Prozoroki, you will easily get there by all means of transportation. All attractions of the village are situated within the immediate vicinity. In Prozoroki you will see the Temple of St Apostles Peter and Paul that is situated near the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady. The two different structures perfectly complete each other and create a unique architectural ensemble.  Pop in the temple as well as in the church.

The Orthodox temple

With regard to the temple, it was constructed in 1909. Despite the then infightings rampant in the territory of Belarus and hard times there was constructed the symbol of faith for parishioners that embodied the hope for a better future. The Temple of St Apostles Peter and Paul has withstood the revolutions, war and atheism of the Soviet government. The temple has preserved its original appearance. Every day the countrymen and residents of neighboring villages, numerous pilgrims and tourists are gathered there to pray, talk with God and light candles.

In the Temple of St Apostles Peter and Paul there are held festive worships and divine services. The life of the temple is impossible without people. It means that people came there and do not forgot those roads that lead to the temple. The white vaults of the temple and blue domes are like the sky with clouds in which the divine light always shines. The temple stands on a small hill providing a stunning view over endless mellows and fields of the village. In spring and summer grass turns green, flowers grow and grasshoppers chirr. In winter and autumn all natural beauty is still there. As it is all across Belarus, in autumn the beauty of the village consists in variety and brightness of colors that you want to paint. In winter a white blanket covers the earth and far way you can see only the outlines of forests and the unlimited beauty of white snow.

Yes, Belarus is created for true romantics and those who like travelling in deep countryside with visiting wonderful villages that carefully keep churches and temples. In Belarus people do not look for differences, they find harmony with nature, spiritual peace in temples that is cold coziness. Visit the village Prozoroki and you will see for yourself.