The Church of the Holy Martyrs of the Holy Martyrs of the Blessed Princes Boris and Gleb, an architectural monument of late classicism, 18th century
In 1774, the Pansky folvarok of Nakryshki was listed in the list of the Vilna Roman Catholic Diocese and belongs to the Dyatlovsky Catholic parish. In the hour of the ministry of Mikhail Petrovich Diakonov, in 1886, the church was overhauled and parish houses were built for the priest and the psalmist. The temple is compact rectangular, covered with a gable roof. The architectural expressiveness of the building is achieved by combining artistic masonry walls with plastered and whitewashed decorative elements: pilasters, cornices, platbands of high window openings. A frame sheathed narthex adjoins the main facade. In the interior at the entrance there are choirs on 2 pillars and a side staircase.

 The temple was built in 1883. (engineer Trubnikov)