The Temple of St. Kozma and Demian in the Village Vishnyovo

The Temple of St. Kozma and Demian in the Village Vishnyovo


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In Vishnyovo among lime trees

For a set of years some generations of inhabitants changed in Vishnyovo. But the Temple of St. Kozma and Demian is still on the beautiful place. Do you know the feeling when you come to your birthplace, and everything seems to be so small, but in early times it was big? This may be familiar to those who will come to Vishnyovo after a long parting, and again will wander among lime trees near the temple.

On the Olshanka bank

Tourists and pilgrims from all over Belorussia also like to walk in Vishnyovo on a hot day. It

Is not surprising, as lime trees shade from summer heat.

The temple has been accepting its church people since 1865, and though much water has passed under the bridge, the temple is still on its place – on the bank of the Olshanka River, giving joy to the locals and visitors. The temple is built of natural stone and cement. It is known that upon the opening of the Temple of St. Kozma and Demian a parochial school was organized. Later it was renamed into people’s school.

St. Kozma and Demian

Dedication day of St. Kozma and Demian is on 14July. The brothers lived in Rome, and were known for the fact that they cured people and cattle. They never took money for the work and were well-regarded in the city. But there are always those who can tar reputation of another person. That happened with Kozma and Demian. As a result of a libel the brothers were killed.

But the Saints are forever in the memory. They are still popularly worshipped, many people gather in the temples for the services. There is still tradition in villages (and towns too) to make jam on this holiday. Raspberry jam made on this day is especially tasty, so don’t forget to make this treat on 14 July. Is it accidental that the temple is situated in the village of Vishnyovo? Perhaps, someone made very tasty cherry jam one day.

Excursions in Vishnyovo

Anyone who loves travelling can come to the village and have a rest. Someone can find here a calm homely spot of country life, someone else – reminder of the home.

There are a bell-tower, prayer hall and fratery in the temple that has survived till nowadays. Interestingly, there are catacombs in the Temple of St. Kozma and Demian. You are hardly to walk through them but they can’t pass unnoticed. Everything mysterious attracts tourists; perhaps, some enigmas are still kept there.

But undoubtedly: everyone is sure to like the ancient lime trees planting. They also have their own mysteries; every year bees sip there. Everything is the same as one hundred years ago, away from constant urban bustle. The lime trees talk through a calm green palpitation of the leaves, whisper quietly or loudly. They demand to stop and listen to the bell song, listen to the wind song in the tree crown how everything is marvelous there. How nice and cozy in that small Belarusian spot –the village of Vishnyovo. It is so quiet all around that you can hear what God talks with you about, there in the temple among lime trees.

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