The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, an architectural monument, in the style of Borocco, folk architecture, 1875
The Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Venzovets was built in 1875 from brick and stone. The previous wooden church was built in 1755 in the Baroque style in the traditions of folk wooden architecture. By 1845, the church was stricken and required major repairs. In 1860, the church was finally closed for worship. In 1872-1875, a new brick church was built.
The church is a monument of architecture of the retrospective-Russian style. The plastered facades are saturated with massive architectural plasticity borrowed from ancient Russian church architecture: large facade arched portals in a keel-shaped frame, kokoshniks, rectangular panels of the plinth and bell towers, round profiled rosettes, planar platbands of arched window openings, large-profile cornice with crackers. The main entrance is solved by a massive and deep arched portal on large pylons.